Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Perfect Copic Storage

I haven't even had these a week and I've already outgrown the cup I was holding these in... HAHAHAHAHA! So I hopped online to see everyone else's storage solutions; you know I'm all about the Feng Shui!!! :) I saw Copic storage ranging from buckets to acrylic pamphlet holders to simple acrylic boxes that are stacked (there were many more storage ideas I saw and EVERY ONE OF THEM WERE BRILLIANT), but I still came back to the same issues:

1. Convertibility - If I'm anything in my craft closet, it's convertible. Everything in there has to serve multi functions... organized while I'm crafting at home and the ability to be whisked away for a crop at a moment's notice... it MUST be mobile.
2. Visibility - Keeping all of my pens in a box is not practical when one is not patient. I am not patient. If I have to dig around to find colors, you can probably bet that I just won't. I really need to be able to see what I want at a glance.
3. Organization - I want, like most Copic users out there, to have all my color families separated. Again, this will keep me from the frustration of having to pick through all my markers.
4. Security - I don't mean lock and key here, I'm just talking about SOMETHING that I can close up so pens won't fall out if I'm traveling, or if I accidentally bump the storage container, I want to be sure my pens won't go flying. Losing these babies would NOT be a good thing.
5. Ease of Use - I need something that is not bulky and awkward to carry. Whether I'm at home or away at a crop, I want to be able to easily handle my Copic markers in one easy "go-to" container.
Well, as you may have guessed from the title of this post... I FOUND MY PERFECT COPIC STORAGE. It is as simple as a utility box. The pic up above shows my Copics sandwiched in between my 12 x 12 papers (in my Crop in Style that attaches to the telescoping handle) and the rolling tote that holds all my embellishments and miscellaneous supplies... ready to "roll" to another crop night. Here are some close up pics.
Here is the view from the top. My Color-In Chart stores nicely on top for quick reference when picking colors. This container has 4-15 adjustable compartments, I inserted the dividers so that I have 8.
Here is a view of the side. I can see each and every compartment and all of the markers in it. Each compartment holds about 18 sketch markers each for a total of 144 markers total in the this one small easy to carry container.
And here is a view with the lid closed. I also want to point out that this container latches definitely making my markers secure. Also, a clear view of my color chart right through the lid without having to open the case if I need it for reference. Is this not the GREATEST COPIC STORAGE EVER!!!???!!! The manufacturer of this utility box is Creative Options and when I outgrow this container, I will SO be moving on to the Grab n' Go system! But for now, I only have 47 markers, so there's PLENTY of room to grow.... well, for now anyway. hahahahaha!


Ladybug said...

Found your blog by fluke. So glad I did and became a follower! TFS!


Nicole said...

Thanks, it's going to be a lot of fun! I'm almost done my first card card for Tuesday. It's so cute!!! I might put links for my followers to add thier challenge cards. If enough do them.

FitterTwit said...'s gonna be great! I will definitely be featuring your Burtonesque/halloween goodness here! LOL!