Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Chocolate Factory Gets Creepier!

After more than a month off from design team creations, I get to jump back in with both feet over at The Burtonesque Dolls featuring a project inspired by one of my favorite Tim Burton movies.... Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!!!  There is NO denying that Tim Burton's Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is a creepy version of the original film (that's why I love it), but the factory is about to get a little creepier as Strange Skin takes over.  Strange Skin is our sponsor for this challenge!

This time you're challenged to take your inspiration from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, but Monster-ize it! Maybe a new chocolate can be made? Or use colors inspired by the movie and apply it to a Gruesome image making it fun, funky and all Burton!  The winner of this challenge will get to pick TWO digis from the Strange Skin online store.  Click HERE to enter and to see how the rest of The Dolls used these uber-fun monsterific Strange Skin images in this challenge.

So, I used the Just Bitten image.  I had a whole story in my head of how this young girl gets a golden ticket and heads to the factory only to get bitten by a rabid vampire oompa loompa.  Since they all look identical, Wonka is surprised that he missed the blood-lust, pale skin and transformations into flying creatures that should have made the culprit stand out among the rest.  Even more so, Wonka contemplates the actual size of a vampire demographic that would LOVE a blood-flavored Everlasting Gob Stopper.  He briefly ponders the resources required to expand the new flavor only to scrap it and move on while the rest of the oompa loompas sing about a girl who should know better than to be undead. 

Anywhooooo.... that seemed like something that would require much more polka dot paper than I had on hand, so I shortened the whole thing to a sentiment that reads, "Realizing something horrific had occurred at the factory the night before, Wonka scrapped the blood-flavored Everlasting Gob Stoppers."  Here's a close up of the vampire girl... she was REALLY fun to color!!!

Have fun with this challenge you guys.... I sure did!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Full Circle

It FINALLY hit me!  The other night while hanging out with my crop-girls working on upcoming design team projects, the subject of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga (and my love for it) popped up.  In the past, it has nagged me that the name "Twilight" was somehow known to me.  Distant memories of the color palettes of Twilight, the allure of the paranormal subject, there was just SOMETHING so familiar to me.... like deja vu.  "I've been here, seen this, somewhere before."

Yep, it hit me this morning.  Those distant memories, and the feeling of deja vu that I've had for YEARS since Twilight's first release, hit me like a ton of bricks this morning.  When I was in grade school, there was a series of books that I used to LOVE reading.  Because I was an air force brat and moved quite a bit, I only got to enjoy these books for a short time at one of the MANY schools I got to attend as a child (yay for well-stocked libraries for children).  I don't know how many there were in total because when we moved from Arizona to Michigan, I never saw them again.  I feel like I read at least a dozen of them and remember remembering they were the GREATEST stories that always managed to transport me to another world.  These books began my love for reading and being without them killed it until long into my adulthood.  The memory of my love affair with reading these books were long forgotten over the years, buried.

I cannot believe that after all these years I am just now remembering these wonderful books... I was absolutely FLOODED this morning.  I've just always had a nagging feeling about my excitement for the Stephenie Meyer Twilight series.  In fact, the Twilight books and movies ALSO transport me in the same way the original adolescent books had and a part of me wonders if Stephenie herself was a fan of the original Twilight books ("Where Darkness Begins") as well.  Anyway, I'm now on a search to find every one of these books that I loved way back when. 

And I really need to add that without Amazon (the book pictured is from Amazon's listings, you can go directly there by clicking HERE) I would never have been able to verify the name of this book series as I haven't seen it in years, and until I saw the clock face on the cover of the book, the memory that was trying to surface would have stayed fuzzy.  I was searching through the MANY Twilight listings stopping dead in my tracks when I saw that clock face.  For some reason, this morning I remembered the book series name MIGHT have been Twilight.  Thank you Amazon for being in existence to confirm my suspicions and rekindling (pardon the pun) my excitement for reading.  I plan on getting my hands on all of them.... so I should be reading for awhile!  How nice would it be if there is a Kindle edition for each of them!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

STILL LATE.... But I've Got a Winner!!!!



Brenda Schonig said...

Oh this looks like a great giveaway. I posted about it on my blog here:http://imsumbunie.blogspot.com/2011/04/blog-candy.html

Congratulations Brenda!  Email me at fittertwit@yahoo.com with your mailing info and I will get your prize out to you right away.  Thank you to everyone who played along with us!  I promise that next year's will be even bigger and better as I'm thinking I need some more favorite things... hahahahahahaha!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thank You and Happy Mother's Day!

So, I just got the Paper Vineyard newsletter and read the AMAZING congratulations message from the owner, Adriana for extending my Copic certification last month!  Here's a link (click HERE), but OF COURSE I'll quote her here cuz it's just that cool: 

"A big congratulations to Danielle who completed her Immediate Copic Instructor certification.  This is a new level/process for Copic certification and we are very proud of Danielle for being one of the first to complete this level.  Danielle teaches the Copic Coloring Palooza and Copic Tech (Alcohol Ink Anonymous) classes each month."

Adriana, THANK YOU for the awesome shout out in your newsletter!!!!  The class was definitely fun and I love being doubly certifiable... uh, I mean "certified"!  LOL!  Anywho, here's the super fun project that I did for May's Copic Palooza at Paper Vineyard.  It features Kraftin Kimmie's Brigitte... a girl enjoying a little relaxation.  PERFECT for the month of May and ESPECIALLY today:  Mother's Day!!!

Come join me May 18th or May 22nd at Paper Vineyard to create this ADORABLE page in our project album (not to worry if you weren't with us for the cover class, we will be repeating the cover class when the rest of the pages are complete), or you can opt to NOT punch your page and use it for a card or layout... the choice is yours.  AND YOU GET THIS AWESOME KRAFTIN KIMMIE STAMP SET TO TAKE HOME FOR FUTURE CREATIONS!!!  Don't you just love it?!?  Be sure to bring your basic scrapper's tool kit with you to class along with your Copic Markers.  Here are the colors I used to create this fun project:  B12, B37, BG0000, BG000, BG01, E02, E08, E49, E59, E00, E000, E11, C0, C2, C4, C7, Y23.  The duckie was cut out on my Cricut using yellow Bazzill cardstock and colored in using
YR23, YR02, YR07 and Y18.  For those "feeling it" the day of the class, we will be "free-form" coloring the little duckie... but it's completely optional!

Ok, that about does it for today.  Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there.  I will be announcing the winner of My Favorite Things Give Away in my next post... stay tuned!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Give Away Coming To An End

Just a quick announcement folks... the My Favorite Things Birthday Give Away is coming to a close here in a couple of days.  I will be picking the winner on May 7th, so stay tuned.  If you'd like to enter... there's still time, click HERE.  Remember that it's open only to my followers, but it's loaded with some of my favorite stuff!!!

Good Luck!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Making a Jackrabbit

So today, I am pondering the word "mistake".   I've personally experienced MANY apologies in my life where the person asking for forgiveness states they made a mistake.  Like many (and I would even venture to say all at one time or another), I've searched myself, relying on my own heart for guidance.  I think for the most part, swift forgiveness is key to dealing with any transgression.  However, where you go beyond that is a completely different thing.  Just because you've forgiven someone doesn't mean things should stay the same.  Sometimes real forgiveness is the direct result of hard resolutions.  So I wanna start here with the word "mistake".

First off.... A mistake is an action that you thought was right but it turned out to be wrong.  When someone knowingly hurts another (doing something they already know is wrong or SHOULD have known was wrong because it's soooooo blatantly obvious), they should not be allowed to say they made a mistake.  That is not the right word.   That's like saying, "I'm sorry, I made a jackrabbit and hurt you."  It's the wrong word and doesn't make sense in the sentence.  No, a "jackrabbit" is actually an "on-purpose".  I'm stunned looking back over my life and thinking of how many times I've heard, "I made a mistake" when it CLEARLY was not.

Secondly.... WHO ARE THEY?  What other relationships do you see around them?  Are they strong healthy interdependent relationships or are they unhealthy, codependent relationships?  Have they lied before?  "Judge a man by his fruit."  I'm seeing now, more than ever, how important it is to take our own feelings out of the equation.  Our emotions lie to us and skew what is really happening.  Our emotions keep us hoping for the best when our brains are trying to get us to tune into reality and who someone really is.

Third.... take out your own trash!!!  Don't take the trash of others.  There is nothing more pathetic than hearing a non-apologetic apology.  "I'm so sorry, I made a mistake and here's how you contributed to me making a mistake."  WHAT!?!  ANYONE else's mistake is THEIR trash and accepting any part of it yourself is craziness!  We ALL have the exact same choices.... do what is right, or do what is wrong:  Black and white.  For those who think there is a grey area.... stop choosing "wrong" and justifying it with your grey area.  Take responsibility for who you are and what you do.

Fourth....  Who gets to call the shots?  I imagine that Dr. Phil would say that both parties get to negotiate where to go from here.  There is a reason I don't watch Dr. Phil.   Wronging someone purposefully and then saying it was a mistake, when you full-well know it wasn't, really should mean that you lose any right to call any shots.  And to start any sentence with, "If you really forgave me..." should really mean ejection from the game.  We decide who to forgive.  If we are smart, we will forgive EVERYONE and let it go, understanding that it is also our choice where it goes from there.  And if WE decided to allow this person to continue hurting us purposefully, then we ourselves are making a jackrabbit.  We are knowingly going back for painful seconds... sometimes thirds and fourths.  Making the decision to sever unhealthy relationships IS NOT unforgiveness.  As a matter of fact, it could be the very vehicle to get us there.

Finally.... LET'S BE REAL!  Reality is a funny thing.  Focusing on removing whatever weird haze we are looking through and TRYING to see the reality of the situation is super hard.  I personally don't believe that we can do it alone... I believe that sometimes it is a gift from God and a gift we need to ask for, a gift that will allow us to discern a mistake from a jackrabbit.

Purposefully and willfully doing what you know is wrong (what you know will hurt someone else) is not a mistake.  To say that you will "try not to make further mistakes" is just empty words.  The very least that ANYONE can do is try not to make a mistake.  I would think that it is far better to commit to not making jackrabbits... ugly, nasty, diseased jackrabbits!

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