Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hawaiian Chicken Skewers

Ok folks!!!  It has been A LONG time since I posted the healthy stuff cooking (and not cooking) in my kitchen!  Honestly, I've been on again/off again with the healthy living so there hasn't been a lot to post.  But thanks to some inspiration by my new blog buddy Audra of Audra's Foodtopia (and a little program called Curves Complete), I'm back in the saddle and ROCKIN IT for the past 5 weeks!!!  Last week, on her facebook fan page she came up with a brilliant idea to expand our healthy eating by running a little food challenge.  She picked a healthy recipe to make sometime during the week to "present" today with how we made it, what we thought, etc.  So her healthy recipe was Hawaiian Chicken Skewers.  WOW!  What a way to start the show!!!

So, I don't have skewers, nor did I want to grill (its already getting hot in the afternoons here in sunny AZ) so I decided to do a little "deconstructed" version of this heavenly dish.  First I cooked diced chicken in 2 Tbsp of coconut oil.  Next time I make this, I will drain the chicken just as its cooked and pan fry until the chicken is crispy just to give it that "grilled" texture.  But believe me, even without the texture, this dish was A-MA-ZING!!!  Once the chicken was cooked, I added the pineapple, sauce, some crushed red pepper and veggies that I had in my fridge and continued stirring on high heat until the veggies were cooked but still crunchy.  This recipe ROCKED!!!  I can't wait to try this week's recipe:  Spagetti and Meat Balls

For more on Audra's journey to healthy eating, click on her blog link above.  Also, to check out these healthy food challenges, visit Audra's Foodtopia facebook fan page.  If enough people participate in these challenges, she will keep this thing going and make it a weekly thing!!!

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