Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

So I'm reading Breaking Dawn on the Kindle (love it***) that I got for my birthday and AS ALWAYS when reading the Bella-Edward-Jacob saga, I feel compelled to dip into the black nail polish. Seriously... I have such a goth girl inside underneath all those freckles and pink skin!!! But I don't want to just pull a full-on black mani with it being Easter and all, so I "spring'd" it up with a GORGEOUS dusty pink chrome by Creative called Strawberry Smoothie. I think I was able to "bunny" this one up quite nicely in spite of the black!!! So, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!

I used the Northern Lights glitter topcoat to give this one even more of a festive sparkle for the holiday and of course, nothing shows off it's awesomeness like a blurry action shot! Check it out (click on the picture to enlarge it... trust me, the enlarged picture RAWKS!). The black was done with Konad's special polish with image plates M71 and M19.

*** And yes, I had a little drama with Amazon while waiting to get my Kindle (I would put the link here so you can read the blog post about it, but as I ended up having to nibble on some crow over my AMAZING impatience, I'm conveniently going to skip that step here!), but since receiving it I'm more than a little obsessed! Breaking Dawn will be my fourth book! Wow! 1496 to go! :)


paula said...

ooooh, fancy fancy. i'm workin' on a 3 week old manicure on natural nails that is lookin' ROUGH! i keep meaning to take off the chipping polish but keep forgetting. maybe i'll slap some glitter on MY digits! thanks for the inspiration!

FitterTwit said...

Paula... you're so welcome! 3 WEEKS!!! I'm lucky I can make it three days before I'm craving a new color!!! Seriously... I have a problem! ;)