Friday, January 2, 2015

More Than Just Playtime

I hadn't realized until just recently what a blessing my "mostly stocked" craft room is.... honestly, that little space of heaven might really be saving my life!!!  Not a bad way to start off my new year!!!

My husband and I recently met my sister and her husband for one of those "paint nights" where you meet at a bar, recreate a masterpiece and have a bit of fun.  When my husband asked my sister why she decided to plan this outing she explained that as part of her breast cancer recovery, her holistic doctor recommended she take up something artistic to help relieve stress.  She was quick to point out that I've always had paper crafting for stress relief and artistic expression and I realized that she was right!!!  When I sit down to work on a project, I can COMPLETELY lose myself... truly not a care in the world.  HUGE chunks of time can fly by unnoticed when I'm in the throes of creative inspiration, even if it is only recreating a masterpiece....

This is the WONDERFUL project I copied from Karen!  Check out her blog HERE!!!  Big "THANKS" to my dear friend (and local Stampin Up Demonstrator), Cindy, for being game to help me recreate this incredible project!!!  Using the iridescent ice with the silver ink for the snowflake was utter brilliance!!!!  If anyone in the Chandler, AZ area is looking for a local Stampin Up Distributor, you can check her out HERE!  There's only a couple more days to order to get your hands on a couple of the items I used to recreate this gem (they were seasonal items)!

I really had a blast tonight with my friend Cindy making these curvy keepsake luminaries and I definitely had a blast with my sister and her husband at paint night.  I made a mental note that the "sharing" of artistic expression and relieving stress is truly an added bonus and an even bigger blessing than if I'm holed up in my craft room.  I think it's something I need to do a little bit more of.  But that being said, there is NOTHING like shutting the craft room door and getting lost in creativity!!!  Here's to a healthy 2015!!!

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