Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog Award Tags... I'm So Sorry!!!

I have received a couple of wonderful blog award tags that went UNRECOGNIZED!!! I am so sorry! This month has been a hectic month and I managed to allow the award notifications to get buried in the comments! I'm such a dork! So my sincere "thank you's" to Pam over at TheBugBytes.com and DanussasNails.blogspot.com for honoring me with these wonderful blog awards. Both sites have WONDERFUL content. Pam has the most incredible crafts (you know how I love those crafts) and I happen to know Pam and she's every bit as wonderful as the crafts she creates! And I'm new to DanussasNails, but the site is incredible and I'm thrilled that someone like her is giving ME an award! I'm thrilled to say the least. Now for the fun.... Here are the award rules:
1. Post the prize on my blog.
2. Mention the blogger who tagged me.
3. Give the prize to 5 friends.
4. Post on my blog the link to their blogs.
5. Announce everyone on their blog.
6. Make a list with 10 things that I like.

So my five blog awards go to:
http://summerthymestudio.blogspot.com/ - With my new Copic obsession... this amazing artist Vicki feeds the new addiction!!! ENABLER!!! hahahahaha!
http://www.cricutinspiration.blogspot.com/ - Another crafter whose blog rocks my socks... Like Pam, I know Mya and her work is out of this world!!!
http://canadiannickelscrapn.blogspot.com/ - Has the greatest scrappin videos! She's funny, fun to watch and just recently got picked for her first design team, so this blog is about to get CRAZY!!! :) Plus, she's a Halloween freak just like me... what's not to love?!?
http://scandalouslypolished.blogspot.com/ - part of a polish (as in nail polish) club called Wicked Vixens. From what I gather, they are like the biker chicks of the nail polish blogger world. Either way, this blogger cracks me up! I look forward to reading her posts every day!
http://blacknailpolishandlipgloss.blogspot.com/ - another Wicked Vixen alum with the rockinest nails ANYWHERE!!! Her blog's got that "darkness" that I love so much... I just gravitate there. Wait till you see her nails... you will too!!! Yah... wicked!!!

And the 10 things I like are:
1. God... You'll see quite a few Bible studies on this blog. I try to devote "connection" time every week to the one who makes EVERYTHING in my life possible.
2. My family... the greatest gift God has ever given me!
3. Sunglasses... designer sunglasses to specific. <--- what?!? I can be shallow if I want!

4. Arts and crafts... I think there may be some hidden "inner child" issues that my subconscious is trying to work through there, IDK! LOL!

5. Music... life would not be worth living without it!

6. Exercise... I've discovered how very important it is just to function every day. Was I really ever a couch potato???

7. Comedy... one of the things that keeps me sane... well, saner anyway. I would not have made it THIS far without it.

8. Quiet Time... usually with a hot bath, meditation music, incense and a hot cup of tea. Soothes my soul!

9. Reading... again, something to fill quiet times when I'm not in the tub! hahahaha!

10. This blog... it is my baby!!! I have been blessed with SOOOO many friends through this blog. The most talented and wonderful people actually read MY blog and tell me how great they think I AM!?!?! I'm thrilled EVERY day I get to log in!


danussik said...

I'm so glad you like my blog. I love yours. Keep up with the good work!

Nicole said...

WHAT!!!! I popped over to say thanks for your sweet comment on my first DT Hop and I see there's an award too! HUGE THANK YOU. I'm so happy you like my blog and the slightly creepy stuff makes me happiest, although I love it all! I'll try to post it soon!


Retro Jordan said...

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