Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nose Dive

So here it is.... my SECOND digital coloring project.  Don't ask to see my first!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I just recently got the Wacom Bamboo Craft tablet and pen that came with Photoshop Elements 8 and DOVE into the world of digital coloring.  The box arrived with EVERYTHING I needed to get started... well, except I don't have a color printer! :/  Not too big of a deal since I CLEARLY need more practice, but I'm getting there and predict that my next purchase will, in fact, be a color printer! :)

Now for the product review.  So the Bamboo craft tablet is WONDERFUL!!!  It came with a little tutorial to learn how to use it.  It was interactive and pretty simple.  The tablet ALSO came with Photoshop Elements 8 which is NOT so easy to use.  Reading some reviews on Photoshop I know why.  Actually, the Photoshop Elements has MANY of the components of Photoshop (the full professional version) so just a little word of advice.... prepare for a HUGE learning curve.  But judging by the beauty above (remember, she's only my second one), it's TOTALLY worth the time investment!!!

Well gang, I'm off to learn a little more about the brushes and how to achieve a better blend.  I might just go ahead and look up some color printer reviews while I'm at it! ;)  This particular gem is going to get 100 high fives from me.  I say BUY, BUY, BUY if you're interested in coloring and have been thinking of giving a digital pen a try... the Wacom Bamboo Craft is GRRRRREAT!

** the image is Tiddly Inks Spooky Birthday.  I LOVE this digi!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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Paper Vineyard is rolling out the new Grapevine Designs Custom Albums and Kits and this cupcake album was one of the first albums Grapevine Designs featured. As soon as I saw that chipboard "cupcake in the raw" (I mean before any paper got cut or any decorations added to it), what you see here is EXACTLY what I saw! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Don't you love it when design ideas become reality JUST how you pictured them???? There are going to be PLENTY more where this came from..... stay tuned!!!

I Call For A Redo!!!


I was sooooo excited about the new We R Memory Keepers 2011 Halloween line that I couldn't wait to play with it for this Musical Interlude challenge at The Burtonesque Dolls.  The challenge is to create a project inspired by one of the songs from A Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack.  Be sure to include the lyrics in your project.  Of course, my lyrics are from This Is Halloween.  I really thought this was SO FUN....well, that WAS until I saw the creations turned in by the other Dolls.  Click HERE to see the AWESOME projects and check out the deets to this challenge.  You have until August 1st to add your project to win an AMAZING prize, but as for me, I think I might just have to go buy A BUNCH of stamps and redo this one!!!  All the Dolls are really just a bunch of ENABLERS!  LOL!   

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So Lame

So over at Paper Vineyard, the challenge was to create a birthday project and it COULDN'T be a card.  I've personally been creating WAY too many cards lately so I was happy to try my hand at something new..... only I didn't. :(  Instead, I was busy preparing for last week's Cricut Swarm.  Now, while I missed creating a project specifically for our Birthday Non-Card challenge, I figured the cupcake box that I made would fit the bill PERFECTLY for a birthday-themed project.  The box also has an insert for a cupcake to fit inside.  I made it with my Cricut (cuz of the whole Cricut Swarm bit) and while I ADORE this box, I sort of had a little melt down making it and I decided that this is the last Provo Craft product I will ever buy.... let me share why (read through to find out the cartridge I used for this project)!

Most of you know that I DESPISE Provo Craft.  I hate that the Cricut is a one-of-kind product that I loved.  Really, it's like I have battered wife syndrome with Provo Craft!!!   For as long as I can remember, customer service at Provo Craft has been severely lacking at best, but I put up with HORRIBLE service to enjoy such a wonderful product, always hoping that Provo Craft will treat me better.

Nifty Fifties was produced and all of the image cuts appeared on multiple pages of the handbook.  Upon calling Provo Craft (almost immediately after the cartridge release), Provo Craft's customer service said that they had their design team looking into the issue and they would get back to me with a resolution.  Of course, NO ONE EVER CALLED BACK.  The cartridge continued to be produced incorrectly and still is to this day.  Suddenly the product isn't so great.

I discovered that Sure Cuts A Lot was shut down (for Cricut users) due to Provo Craft suing them.  Now, I don't know HOW they won the lawsuit since Provo Craft has NEVER allowed me to cut the true type fonts on my computer, but they did win and I can no longer use the $100 program that I purchased to enhance my Cricut experience.  Let me assure you, this program did not keep me from purchasing Provo Craft products.  In fact, it caused me to purchase more.  For a Halloween layout to chronicle my Geisha costume escapade, I used SCAL to cut out the title "Geisha".  RIGHT AFTER seeing the effect, I RAN out to purchase the Pagoda cartridge realizing that my layout needed the added Asian-inspired images.  I can tell you right now that if Toyota ever sues XM radio, I will no longer buy Toyotas.

I purchase a cartridge (I will reveal in one sec) with 9 project cuts.  That's it... there are a total of 9 cuts with a tenth "bonus" cut that appears to be different inserts for the box project.  But total, there are 9 projects.  Of those 9 projects, I chose the "ice cream cone" top FIRST to use as a cupcake box only to find that a part of the project.... the cherry on top.... cannot be used on my project.  Due to the fact that the designers added slits in the cherry to make it individually 3D, I could not use it for the project it was supposed to be for.  Needless to say, this discovery AFTER wasting an entire piece of My Mind's Eye paper, sent me into a full on adult-temper-tantrum.  I BROKE AND I'M FINALLY DONE WITH PROVO CRAFT.  Out of 9 projects, the FIRST ONE I picked is not complete and after YEARS of cutting with this machine, I STILL have to do practice cuts to be sure my paper isn't wasted and the products are correct?!?!  I had to create my own cherry using a circle punch....Nope, I'm done.  I will not deal with poor service, greed and now depleting product quality.  Time to find me a new electronic cutter and free myself from this seemingly co-dependent relationship!!!  That may seem a little dramatic, but I suspect there are more of you Cricuters out there who need to break the cycle of abuse! 

But, here it is, I told you I'd reveal the cartridge I used.  It's called Sweet Tooth Boxes.... buyer beware!  The reason I waited to share the source, is that I REALLY wanted everyone to hear all of this.  You see, Provo Craft seems to think that those who have so much invested (yes, I own 78 cartridges, two cutters, one Gypsy, Design Studio and multiple rolls of tacky tape, not to mention a Cuttlebug.... and don't forget the $100 I spent on SCAL specifically to use with my Cricut) that they won't switch.  I think they are wrong.... let's see who's right.  I will keep everyone posted on my search for a better electronic die cutter.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Funky Potters Final Peek

Ok gang.... here he is!  Harry Potter is the final sneak peek for the Simply Betty Stamps' Funky Potters!  Isn't he great!!!  This line is awesome and I really had a blast with this week's sneak peek of the line.  The Dolls pulled out all the stops and the projects this week at The Burtonesque Dolls has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  Click HERE to see it all and be sure to head to Simply Betty Stamps tomorrow for the release of the Funky Potters.  I hope you all have as much fun with this set as I did. 

  Before I run, here's a closer look at Harry.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Waiting!

*** Please scroll down to view Simply Betty Stamps Funky Potters Sneak Peek****                                                                                       WOO HOO!!!  IT CAME TODAY!  That means NO WAITING and I can announce the give away today!!!  YAY!  What you are looking at doesn't seem like much in the pic to the left, but I assure you it is A LOT.... and it could be all yours!!!!  The good folks at Nantucket Bagg donated this AWESOME lime green and pink "diddy" to one lucky winner here at Fun And Mental Changes!!!  WAIT till you see what this thing is!!!  You'll see very quickly that you've been missing it all along.  
Ok, so first off, what are we looking at?  What you see in the picture is a bag.  Well no, not a bag, it's an apron.  No, not an apron, it's a tool organizer.  No, not a tool organizer, it's a wall organizer.  No, not a wall organizer, it's a backpack.  No wait... it's ALL OF THEM ROLLED INTO ONE!!!!  This AMAZING bag is convertible.  In the past, I've talked quite a bit about how important convertible storage is to me for my crafting and this baby really speaks to my Chi!  HAHAHAHAHA!

 Check out this pic of the Diddy Bag that I found on the internet.

The bag arrived today with a complete instruction sheet to convert this bag from a wall organizer/apron, to a bag with pockets inside, to a bag with pockets on the outside, and from a tote to a backpack or satchel.  Here is a video I found online as well: CLICK HERE

Now, HOW can you win this awesome bag?  Simply, do up a quick blog post about this give away (being sure to include a link to this post) and include pics in your post of your craft space, work space or any area in need of a bag like this.  Then, come back here and post your link to the InLinkz below and leave a comment on this post.  This is open to followers of this blog only and you will have until August 31st to enter.  The winner will be announced on this blog September 1st.  Good luck everyone!  I'm looking forward to everyone's submissions.

Sneak Peek Day Five... I HAD To Do It!!!

As much as I tried to keep with the theme of Harry Potter (cuz I bought all those embellishments and paper you know), I just COULDN'T NOT use the wonderful McGonagall image for a Halloween card!!! I mean, look at her... she's PERFECT!!!  I bet you're all sitting on pins and needles waiting for the release on Friday!!! hahahahahahaha!  This Funky Potters line is going to fly out the door, I'm sure!!!  So one more day till the big release and I'll give you three guesses who we're featuring tomorrow....

Swing by tomorrow for the last sneak peek and be sure to head over to The Burtonesque Dolls, see what the other dolls created with McGonagall and show some love!  See you all tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Funky Potters Sneak Peek Day Four

Pansy Parkinson ya'll!!!  We're just TWO days away from the release of these AWESOME Funky Potter images and I'm having a BLAST with them!!!  But while you're waiting, you might want to see all the other awesome stamps over at Simply Betty Stamps and we'll see you tomorrow with another great Funky Potters sneak peek.  Don't forget to swing by The Burtonesque Dolls and see what the rest of the Dolls made with Pansy.... you WON'T be sorry!  I promise!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poor Scabbers

Ok, day three of Simply Betty Stamps' Funky Potters Sneak Peek is RON!!!!  I LOVE this image, and today's sneak peek is part of our bi-weekly challenge.  So... hopefully you can tell by my project for The Burtonesque Dolls that the challenge this time is Potter in Wonderland featuring Ron Weasley in Wonderland where The Cheshire cat has just eaten his rat, Scabbers. I had so much fun with this challenge!  As usual, the story in my head is always so funny as The Cheshire cat takes on a voice like the Cheetos cheetah (which we all know was stolen from American McGee's Cheshire Cat in Alice anyway). And to break out my Graphic 45 Halloween in Wonderland paper and embellishments is ALWAYS added fun as well.

So let's see what you can do!  The challenge this time is to create your own Potterish character and place that character in any Burton movie... basically the Potters using the Flue Network and end up in Burtonland!  It doesn't have to be Ron either it can be any character, any image that may resemble any Potter of course and put them in Burtonland!  Check out what the rest of the Dolls did for this challenge... they are ALL AWESOME!!!  Click HERE.  And be sure to head over to Simply Betty Stamps and check out all the wonderful stamp lines Simply Betty has to offer.  See you all tomorrow for Sneak Peek Day 4!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


A little birdie just told me that there is going to be a HUGE, GINORMOUS, UNBELIEVABLE give way coming to Fun And Mental Changes!!!  Stay tuned.... next week is going to be EXCITING!!!

***Please scroll down for Simply Betty Stamps' Funky Potter Sneak Peek Day 2! :)

Potter Peek Day Two!

After submitting Hermione oh-so-late (click HERE to see Hermione), I figured I better get on the ball with Ginny!  These awesome Potter images will be released at the end of this week, so stay tuned the whole week to see ALL these uber-kewl images by Simply Betty Stamps.  Click HERE to see what the rest of the design team made with Ginny.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Potter Sneak Peek Day One!

OMGOSH I'M LATE!!!  So sorry for the late post everyone!  For WHATEVER reason, I thought our sneak peeks for the Simply Betty Stamps Funky Potter line started tomorrow.  DANG IT!!!  Welp, here it is.  My offering featuring Hermione.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on these super fun Harry Potter paper and embellishments which were PERFECT for this release (click on the pic to enlarge and see all the groovy details).  Check out what the rest of the Dolls created for this fun sneak peek.  Click HERE.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Totally RED

Whoa!  So much red!  I don't think I've ever done anything quite so, uh, red.... hahahahahaha!  But I wanted to use this awesome sentiment by Created With TLC, so I knew I had to just dive into it!  LOL!  And the perfect image to go with it.... Tickled Pink's 30's Lylah!  Lylah is one of my favorites and you can sure see why! 

This project also features paper that I received at an all night crop not too long ago.  One of the lovely ladies who attended gave away a TON of My Mind's Eye paper.  Yah, she just gave it away!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  This stuff is the good stuff, feels like fabric instead of paper and I got it for FREE!!!  Girls Rock!  And 30's Lylah rocks!  Lylah was one of my first stamps from Tickled Pink, so I thought it was perfect to use as another submission for the Tickled Pink Stamps DT Call.  I blinged this one out simply with some tule, some ribbon and pearls... the perfect accent to this wonderfully RED tag! hahahahahaha.  The Copics I used were B0000, B16, E00, E000, E11, E25, E37, E81, R20, R22, R27, R29, R89, Y21 and finished it off with a white Sakura Gel Pen.

UPDATE:  I got an email asking if I could post a close up..... here goes. :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Ok folks... you know how much I LOVE Make It Crafty digi stamps and I ADORE Tiddly Inks!  Well, the two have teamed up for one AWESOME release coming up on July 14th!  STEAMPUNK!!!  And yes, I know you all know how fond I am of steampunk!  So mark your calendars and tune in for what promises to be one incredible release day match up!!!  Cick HERE for all the deets!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Ever since Graphic 45 came out with their Steampunk Debutante Line last year, I've been CRAZY for the whole Steampunk theme, and STOCKED up on everything steampunk I could get my hands on.... that includes the AWESOME Victorian Steampunk Lilith from Tickled Pink Stamps you see here! AND NOW I see that there is a DT Call over at Tickled Pink Stamps, so isn't this just the perfect time to pull out all my new favies (and old favies) and give it a go!!!

Seen here are a couple of merged stamps and some word art.  The scroll is one of my favorite stamps from Make It Crafty.  I actually used this scroll for a candle that I personalized with my sister and her husband's wedding date.  To see that project, click HERE.  I popped Lilith on top and added some word art.  I thought about just making it say "REWARD", but adding the "Wanted Dead or Alive" kind of gave me a chuckle so I went with that.... especially since I added the "Missing You" sentiment.  You all know my wicked sick sense of humor!  LOL!  So, OF COURSE, I used my beloved Copic markers to color this:  BG10, BG78, C0, C4, E00, E21, E23, E25, E31, E37, E39, E49, R20, R59, Y000, Y18 and YR14.  I also used the Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante Dies and the Chatterbox Easy Brad Maker set to create the metal embellishments at the top (the Epoxy stickers that are included in the set really make these hand made embellishments ROCK!).  I also cut out a butterfly from the Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante Time Flies paper and folded up the wings to make it look fluttery.  I used one of the gear dies from Graphic 45's Steampunk Debutante line and added a Tim Holtz Idea-ology gear to make it pop.  I used a punch from EK Success and Bo Bunny's Gabrielle Flight paper for the backing.... this paper is also VERY PRETTY, much like the Graphic 45 paper!!!!  My sentiment is from a generic "dial-a-sentiment" stamp that I got at a garage sale.  That thing has come in so handy and I'm told that 7 Gypsies also has a line of "dial-a-sentiment" stamps if you wanna check it out.  It's nice to carry 12 sentiments with you anywhere in a single stamp... very Feng Shui for an avid paper crafter!!! :)
Here's the final shot... check out how dimensional this one is.... SOOOO FUN!!!

Ok folks!  That's it!  Swing by Tickled Pink's blog and check out all the deets for this DT Call!!!

Life Is Beautiful... Countdown to Holiday Mini Release

Stampin Up's 2020 Holiday Mini Catalog release is in 4 DAYS!!!!  YEEEEE!  Today's Freebie Friday on Facebook featured one of my favo...