Thursday, May 5, 2016

Every Once In A While

Every once in a while something comes along that is brilliant and riveting and ground breaking and Emma Watson's Met Gala dress is IT for 2016!

I know Emma Watson isn't the FIRST person to wear clothes made from recycled materials (click HERE for some pretty creative creations), but dare I say that this is the prettiest I've ever seen!!!  Emma's Met Gala dress actually gives me hope for my future.... and not in the socially responsible way, but in the self-centered, vain kinda way.

I mean, HOW many outfits have I LOVED until I completely wore them out???  The answer is A LOT!!!  Clothing is one of the few applications for the horrible, won't-go-away invention of plastic that actually makes some sense.... well, that and medical equipment.  But the reality is, while in my dream world I may one day finally have a wardrobe that I will LOVE that won't ever go away, that still brings me back to the fact that plastic STILL never goes way.  And I'm interested to find out REALLY what she thought about that dress.  Did it make her feel overly hot or uncomfortable in any way?  Did her wearing recycled plastic all night hurt her in any way?  Would it have hurt her over the long-term?

Every once in a while I get glimpses of a perfect world where my vanities are catered to with IMMORTALLY GORGEOUS outfits that I KNOW would motivate me to never gain weight, but then I'm reminded that recycling and repurposing still means that something is created that will never die and that goes against nature.

Every once in a while my initial reactions are wrong and I realize that this gorgeous innovative Met Gala gown STILL would have been lovelier made of hemp.

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