Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 3 Ultra Rapid Growth

Well, today is day three of my Nail Aid Ultra Rapid Growth test and I've gotta say... I see a difference! Do you? It looks and feels like I've gotten quite a bit of length in three days. I love how the product feels when I put it on as a base coat and my last Konadicure lasted every bit of the three days before it was time to remove and reapply... which is better than some nail products out there that AREN'T nail treatment products. There is one thing that I'm noticing when applying the Ultra Nail Growth as a topcoat (per package instructions), I'm noticing air bubbles. There are only a couple of them on very few nails, but they are there. It COULD be simply that I'm applying it too thickly. I've never used this product before and I might need to change up my normal application slightly. I will give that a try on my day 5 mani... I'll let you know. Honestly, I can already tell you that this product is getting some serious high fives from me with or without the bubbles (if you click on the pic to enlarge, you will see the few bubbles, but you will also see how great my nails look inspite of them). I am just LOVING the texture of the product and the feeling of "flexible strength" this product is giving me. To get this look:

  • Base coat: Nail Aid Ultra Rapid Growth
  • 2 coats of China Glaze IX (a GORGEOUS deep chocolate that is almost black)
  • 1 coat Seche Vite
  • Fauxnad image plate #F02 stamped with China Glaze GR8
  • Top coat: Nail Aid Ultra Rapid Growth
So yah, as I said, I'm definitely giving this product a high five. Not bad to achieve it in only three days! LOL! I do also want to note that I'm still using cuticle oil (my own personal recipe) daily that may or may not be assisting in the results that I'm getting, but I AM noticing growth and my nails have never looked better. I do believe my cuticles are looking better too! :) We'll see how they look at day 5.

*** I was informed that Nail Aid's Ultra Rapid Growth AND Maximum Iron Hardener ARE both available at select Walmart stores now. I guess it's just not at mine right now or maybe they are sold out... which... based on the results I'm getting, well, I can see why! :) But for any of you who might be interested, BOTH PRODUCTS are included in my blog give-away along with a ton of other goodies. To enter My Favorite Things Birthday Blog Give Away, click on this link HERE. Good luck to everyone who enters! May 7th is the deadline for entries.

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