Friday, April 30, 2010

General Smash Manager

As I promised earlier today... here's the big news regarding, but first let me give you a back story.

I am a big believer in the law of reciprocity - what you give, is what you get. I believe that sacrifice is directly linked to success and that the heart of a volunteer is a powerful thing. So with all of these beliefs driving this bus, last year I volunteered to work for Heather Frey of I have been working for over a year and a half to increase my health and fitness and had an opportunity to give my time and service to someone with a passion for everyone on the same journey as me... I JUMPED at the chance to volunteer for that. So after devoting time volunteering last year, THIS YEAR I just got me a new title....

I am the new General Smash Manager for! There will be plenty more info to come as I get ramped in this position, so you all will get to hear about my journey. You will also get tips and hear about all the fun events happening over at The site is loaded with useful information, not to mention Heather will match you with the perfect trainer. This one is definitely going to be fun... it's so right up my alley! Let's all get fit together!!! :)

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