Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where God Is Present

I'm tagging this post under Bible Study, but a Bible study isn't really a part of today's blog post. It's really just an observation that struck me this morning while I was in the garden.

First off: MY FIRST SPROUT OF 2010!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

And of course its Zucchini! I love zucchini and seemed to have mastered growing it last year with my first garden ever. So I'm not surprised that I'm pulling it off again this year. But while I was in the garden this morning it hit me how our creator... call Him whatever is applicable to your particular faith, made us to constantly be creating (*please note here that I'm not taking any glory from God, I'm only referring to the work I'm doing with my hands. But I will add that it is my own personal belief that there is the power of creation in our free will). Moving the soil of our lives around, burying seeds and watching it grow.... creating something of beauty that is useful. Of course we can't forget that we need to pull a few weeds, cut back over-growth and occasionally completely eradicating the garden is necessary to rebuild the soil. And EVEN complete eradication doesn't entirely remove what's unwanted which is why you have to keep working the soil. But it's so amazing to me how things we planted so long ago take root and even when the soil isn't being worked and you think nothing is happening, a plant springs where you didn't think one would be. Case in point... the freakin mint from last year that I eradicated into the soil that made it's debut again this year all on it's own. It wasn't watered, fed or nurtured in any way and STILL it comes back demanding to be dealt with. There's a lesson here, as I look at this picture of the mint that is invading the dirt where my new path was built. So I'll just have to think on that lesson as I dig up this mint and move it to a more appropriate location. Or maybe I'll just leave it there and see what it will do, either way, it was nice to spend this morning where God was present. This organic gardening is really agreeing with me. I might head out this afternoon to plant some radishes. :)

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