Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ok... here we go! Here are the pix for the goodies that one lucky follower is going to win on May 7th!!! So exciting!!! To enter the drawing, click on this link: HERE.

I will be posting the results of my test run with the Nail Aid Ultra Rapid Growth next week. I put 2 coats on tonight and will follow up with a coat every night for three days and then I'll remove it and start over. I'm supposed to have longer stronger nails in 5 days... we'll see!!! Honestly, with the AWESOME experiences I've already had with Nail Aid's products, I'm pretty confident that this will do everything it says it'll do. But to make sure, I took before pics. The Ultra Rapid Grow and the Maximum Iron Hardener (also by Nail Aid) are both new products that are available at Walmart. The lucky winner on May 7th gets a bottle of each! :)

Two items in the prize haul didn't make it into the pics: the Seche Vite Topcoat and the Soaptopia Double Bubble 2-Soap Gift Box. The Seche Vite hasn't arrived yet and the soaps will be in gift certificate form. Just know when YOU win, those two items will also be included. Wow, looking at these pics I realized that this is a HUGE give-away. Every item is brand new and FULL SIZE!!! I don't think I was expecting small sizes of anything, but once I got it all gathered for the pics, I kept having to step back to get everything in. NICE! Did I mention how excited I am???? :)


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Mara Gordon said...

I've been using Seche Vite Topcoat for years, and my pedicures last forever.... Btw, Stewart would love to know how your hardening system works. He uses it on his right hand for playing guitar.

FitterTwit said...

Hey Mara!!! :)
That nail hardener pictured is a polish to help harden soft or weak nails. It's a new product that is soon to be available at Walmart (I'm so thrilled that I get to try it). Honestly, I've heard of musicians using acrylic overlays on their nails and with the metal strings, I'm thinking that might be his best bet. Polishes, like this, are treatments for natural nail growth and probably won't give him the kind of strength he's looking for. I hope that helps.

Magoo said...

that so much for stopping by today with your birthday wishes!!!


magoo :)

Lissi said...

How exciting! Is it May 7th yet? LOL!

Jasmine said...

I can see why you are excited, but imagine how acited the winner will be ;)

Its a great giveaway, and i love it when people are so generous :)