Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Teavana Tea Fix

Does anyone in blogland remember the wall-o-candy growing up???  The wall covered in huge glass jars filled with every kind of candy the mind could imagine.  And the candy was cheap, I mean REALLY cheap and you could go home with an entire bag of yummy goodness! Well, I totally feel like that at Teavana!  Only, it's an "authorized" fix, which makes it EVEN better because I can have it without guilt!!!  Just looking at that wall of tubs brings back very fond memories.... and picking the various teas to oogle and smell, fruity and delicious!  These teas keep me on track; they give me the feeling of satisfaction.  When I can't gobble down an actual keylime pie, I can hit up one of the baristas at Teavana to whip me up a decadent delight, OR I can pull from the big wall-o-tea and go home with my yummy delights for later.... BTW, there is NOTHING like having the barista whip you up a yummy tea to try before you buy AND they always share their VERY BEST recipes.  Check out the keylime pie cooler the barista fixed for me today:

Keylime pie binge averted!  Thank you Teavana!  And this cool fruity concoction to give you a boost without busting your new years resolutions:
Bonus:  because you can get 2 and 3 steeps (sometimes 4) out of each serving of loose leaf tea, you can easily and ECONOMICALLY make an entire pitcher in minutes!!!  I actually double the recipe and steep in my large perfect tea maker.  I can make a full pitcher lightening fast!

Bonus 2:  I will sometimes steep my leaves a fifth time and chill it overnight for flavored water the next day.  The flavor will be faint and refreshing!

Bonus 3:  My trash can NEVER stinks!!!  The discarded tea leaves always seem to keep my trash can smelling nice and, I swear, I think the dried tea leaves actually absorb bad odors.  I LOVE that part!

Anyway, this is my little new years resolution lifesaver that I wanted to share.  I just found out that I have a Teavana minutes from my house, so this might just end up being a weekly fix!  Next week I might have to try a hot S'mores.... mmmmmmmmm!

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