Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Got Missed!

I was going through old blog posts yesterday and discovered that a blog post GOT MISSED!!! I never posted it. It's been sitting as a "draft" all month! Geez! And this was an important post too! A while ago, Kathleen over at OC Nail Art (and one of my awesome and stupendous sponsors) sent me the Coraline Nail Art set. Being the freak that I am for Halloween I ripped that sucker open and started playing with it IMMEDIATELY! For those who do not know, Coraline is a Tim Burton movie and Tim Burton is a master of the macabre, so since the movie is animated (older children could enjoy, not so much for the younger ones).... OF COURSE there are the most fabulous Halloween images and OF COURSE they appear in BOTH Coraline nail art sets. Being a lover of Halloween, you can imagine my excitement to receive this Coraline set. Thank you so much Kathleen! And thank you for donating a set to give away. If anyone out there hasn't had a chance to enter My Favorite Things Birthday Give-Away, be sure to click this link HERE. On top of a TON of awesome nail and beauty products is the Coraline I Nail Art Set! WOO HOO!!!!
So here is the first mani I did using this set. I did one coat of Color Club's Stuck on You followed by two coats of Color Club's Explosive (the most incredible orange neon) and then one coat of Seche Vite for quick dry. I then stamped the full nail image from Konad image plate M61 in Konad's eggplant special polish, immediately stamping the awesome button and crossbones from Konad's Coraline I Nail Art Set. SURPRISE! This set just happens to be just like the one that some lucky follower is going to receive! WOO HOO!!!! And then I topped the whole thing with another coat of Seche Vite for quick dry. I love that "ghostly" effect from stamping white on top of a dark color. It's just so Halloweenie!! I hope you all like it as much as I do. The next Coraline image I'm gonna try is the black cat. This set is the greatest set EVER!!! Thanx again to Kathleen over at OC Nail Art! WOO HOO<--- sorry, I just had to throw in one more! I'm just THAT excited!


Evil Angel said...

This is so cool1 I love it!

nailartstore said...

you did an excellent job! well done.

paintedbluestars said...

that is so cool! I love all things time burton and still for some odd reason have not got to watch coraline yet....it makes me sad. I love the konad coraline set though its so cute and slightly i guess off? at the same time( i know what I mean it might just be coming out wrong)
anyways! hehehe Love this mani!

FitterTwit said...

hahahaha... yes, paintedbluestars, I know what you mean. Thanx everyone! This Coraline set is the greatest set EVA! :)