Friday, April 2, 2010

ANOTHER Give-Away???

I am SOOOO freakin excited!!! This month is my birthday month and next week I will be kicking off ANOTHER give-away. That's right, I'm stretchin, but I get to give away the presents which is a birthday gift all its own! And this one is SOOOO worth it because it's all my favorite stuff! Check out the prize haul: So far I have a Konad Coraline Nail Stamping Set generously donated by OC Nail Art along with one of my NEWEST favorite Konad image plates, #M63. Truth be told, they are all my favorites... but don't tell my husband!!! ;)

Whoops! I got side-tracked... ON TOP OF THAT, I also have a collection of fragrance oils that I love to add to my bath water. ON TOP OF THAT, I have A TON of Nail Aid products that was another generous donation by Nail Aid. Not only did they donate EVERY ONE of my favorite nail treatments, they also donated two products that are newly available at Walmart that I haven't even tried yet... that's like 7 different Nail Aid products!!! Oh, and I'm not done! There will also be nail polish in assorted colors (of course my favorites) and a Double Bubble 2 Soap Box given by Soaptopia (love, love, love those hand made soaps!!!). And I'm STILL not done!!! Just wait to see the FULL inventory of the prize haul with my OFFICIAL announcement... it will also include the qualifications to win. And the ONLY restriction on this upcoming give-away: you must be a follower to win. Could you just die?!? This is going to be SOOOOO great! Stay tuned!!!


jhoannz said...

wow sounds cool! happy birthday in advance! :)

ART OF NAIL said...

yay, im excited... :)
advance happy birthday to you...

susies1955 said...

Have a great birthday.