Sunday, April 11, 2010


What is it with this Twilight epidemic??? Geez! I feel like a teenager every time I see trailers. And then of course I run to the previously released DVD's (that I just HAD to own and watch at 12:01 a.m. the day of their release because freakin Blockbuster just HAS to have those stupid DVD release parties and even though I KNOW that I'm going to be waiting in line with five million screaming teenagers... and their mothers.... to pick up my PRE-ordered copy, I'm totally game because suddenly I'm one of them) so that I can RE-absorb all the Twilight goodness before the release of the next film in the theater. Except this time, not only am I currently re-watching Twilight and New Moon, I'm ALSO re-reading Eclipse... that's after just finishing Breaking Dawn. Yah, I'm obsessed. And while I say that I feel like a teenager, the weird thing is, I wasn't like this AT ALL as a teenager. I couldn't be! My family didn't have the money to purchase multiple books and then the corresponding movies in their timely release. And even more than that, EVERYTHING was slower. Books took years to become movies and then a few more years beyond that to make it to video... that's right, I said video! I totally just dated myself! First, mentioning that I actually watched movies on video and, second, by the use of the word "totally". Well, so anyway, by the time it all came full circle, the actors that would be playing beloved characters would have been too old and probably forgotten to make it to a second and third film. And, when I was a teenager, very few of us had the commitment to stay crazed for that long before the next "tall drink of water" entered the picture. Now, everything is so fast and so accessible! We CAN all afford (time and money) to indulge in a little obsessing. So here I am... totally obsessed! And because I know there IS an epidemic... I thought I'd include the sneak peek trailer for Eclipse. Enjoy!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Teaser Trailer in HD

Trailer Park Movies MySpace Video

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Jasmine said...

I know exactly what you mean, and even though i ain't as obsessed as all the teenagers, I do enjoy beging part of a group on this one. To be able to chat with people about your fav books and the movies. And to wait for the new trailers, teasers and movies. Its just a lot of fun :)