Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crazy Is So Fun!

It just keeps getting better... and funner! Head over to The Burtonesque Dolls and check out what the design team did with this upcoming week's challenge!!! So fun! Although my card DEFINITELY sticks out.... all crazy... hahahahahahahaha! But that is so up my alley, well, you know! :) Anyway, the challenge is to create a project using the tea party scene from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. I bought a brand new digi JUST for this challenge. I had it in my head to do a crazy Mad Hatter (cuz we're all a little mad here) and I gotta tell you, I could NOT find a crazier Mad Hatter than the one I used for this card!!! You can find, in my opinion, the PERFECT Mad Hatter at The Octopode Factory. I also purchased the AWESOME creepy flamingo and Tweedle Dee and Dum!!! LOVE IT!

Anyway, I hope you all have as much fun with this challenge as I did.... I laughed the entire time I made this card!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Revisit

Ok, so after receiving multiple emails on how I made this album and the stuff I used, I thought it would be a great project to feature for the Paper Vineyard's new design team since Paper Vineyard is where I got everything... well, almost.

First off, the album was made using The Cinch. This binder is the EASIEST binder system I've ever used! Check out the video HERE. Also, all the papers and embellishments were gotten at Paper Vineyard. The flowers and pearls are just miscellaneous that I picked up while browsing and the buttons are from the Graphic 45 Staples collection. The mini clothes pin are one of MANY colors that were newly stocked at PV (check out the red ones for upcoming Christmas projects). All the stamps came from my own personal stock, but check Paper Vineyard's stamp collections often as there are rumors of certain stamps that may or may not be featured here coming to PV. Oh and the papers are also Graphic 45 from their Steampunk Debutante line... the last I looked, there were only three pads of this line left!

Ok folks, that's about it for today's Paper Vineyard Design Team feature. Be sure to head over to Paper Vineyard's blog and check out what the rest of the design team created... they are just AMAZING!!! Also be sure to submit your own creation as Paper Vineyard is hosting an ANYTHING GOES challenge. You will have until December 11th at 9 AM to submit your entries and there's an awesome Bo Bunny Goodie Bag up for grabs for one lucky winner!!! So great gang... show your stuff!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Give Away

Ok gang! This is my second post for the day, but I thought it was important to get this one started as soon as possible!!! For the upcoming Christmas season, I'm giving away THREE Disney Cricut cartridges. These cartridges were not donated to this blog, I purchased all of these cartridges to give away. My followers are THE BEST and I wanted to give away something really nice for the holiday season. This is only open to those who appear on this blog's follower list, so if you're not one of my beloved followers, please become one (and I'm almost to 400 woo hoo!!!).

All you have to do to enter to win these super fun Disney cartridges is share this give away with others. You can post it on your blog, shout it out on Facebook and Twitter, post the announcement in a message community or do all of the above. Then, leave a comment on this post letting me know where you shared and an email address to contact you. This will be open until December 11th and I will post the winner on December 13th. Shipping will be priority mail WITH A DELIVERY CONFIRMATION NUMBER, so hopefully your new cartridges will arrive for Christmas. I will not be able to guaranty Christmas delivery for anyone living outside the Continental United States, but I will ship anywhere. The winner will be chosen randomly. Good luck to everyone! Now I'm going back to bed! ;)

Accepting Applications

Whoa!!! What a couple of days I've had! First of all, Thanksgiving went without a hitch and executed perfectly with the help of the home-made-like pies (from Costco)... I mean, after all, it's tradition right? I mean the Costco pies of course!!! So I scarfed the yummy turkey dinner and headed out promptly at 3 p.m. to stand in line over at Michaels only to find that there wasn't a line... well, why the heck not? Then I checked out their black Friday ads (that actually began on Thursday) and discovered that EVERYTHING cool and worth waiting in a line for was marked "EXCLUDED" in ultra fine print on their Black Friday ad! And the "great deal" they had for Cricut cartridges were easily $15-$20 higher than what you can get them for everyday on Ebay. Finally, when they DID open their door at 4:30 p.m. the Ott Light they advertised (one of the VERY FEW items that was actually a great Black Friday deal) wasn't even in stock.... bait and switch much? Oh, this wasn't going good. Note to self: Michaels might be one to skip next year.

Next, it was off to Walmart at around 9 p.m. to wait in line for the incredible deals that would be "released" at 12:01... and there WERE some INCREDIBLE DEALS!!! I was there, and STARTED the line for the Cricut Lite cartridges that were going for $20. I got FIVE lite cartridges: Twinkle Toes, Inspired Heart, Slumber Party, Handyman and Celebrations with Flourish! HOW great was that?!? After that, I headed over to Sears for their opening, then Target for their opening and finally Office Max for their opening.... WHEW! What a Black Friday!!! Now for the sadness.... I MISSED THE JOANN'S SALE!!! I moved a few months back and forgot to change my address to receive their fliers in the mail and never received their sale information!!!! I CANNOT believe that I missed the opportunity to get my hands on the Picturesque cartridge for $28!!! I'm so sad that I missed it, but if there's one thing I've learned from my previous experience of the Black Friday festivities is that there WILL be the sale item casualties. Whether it be from being number 20 in line for an item where only 19 were stocked or failure to change one's address so the sale is completely missed.... it's sad, but it happens. I mean, I DID managed to get most of my holiday shopping finished and some scrappy staples snagged at ridiculously low prices! But still, missing that cartridge brings a little tear to my eye....

SO NEXT YEAR..... I'm gonna get me a buddy! Tag-team shopping!!! And we'll dress in matching clothes for easy recognition while in the throws of the Black Friday madness. We'll synchronize our watches and wear walkie talkies with headsets for constant communication. We will work on stealthy infiltration to get the "inside scoop" of next year's upcoming sales and will spend the entire year training for this one day (actually, now it's two days) sale event.... I'm talking rigorous gym time and raw egg breakfasts people!!! Who's in? I will be accepting applications immediately! I wanna get started as soon as possible so we are ready for the 2011 Black Friday!!! ;) LOL!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!!! I'm gonna be MIA for a couple of days. I'd LOVE to tell you that it's so I can spend time with my family... but I see them all the time!!! No, I'm gonna be MIA because I'm up right now making last minute preparations for Thanksgiving dinner and then Black Friday starts later TODAY at some of the stores I'm gonna loot and then the kamikaze shopping will continue into Friday finishing off at about noon and then I have to be at work at 2 p.m. SICK I TELL YOU, I'm sick! But I gotta do it! So needless to say, going two days without sleep is going to mean that even if I COULD post here, I may not be coherent enough for the post to make sense. Come to think of it.... that might be a mighty FINE post... and funny too. Ok, so pop back in over the next two days. It might be worth a good laugh!
BONUS: Hey! Did you guys check out the Google banner today? If you click on the different images, a recipe card pops up and you can print it.... that's just freakin brilliant!!! Have a happy and safe holiday gang!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The First One!!!

Ok folks... it is here! This is my first-ever design project for The Burtonesque Dolls!

Wow! What a fun design project it was too! This week's challenge over at The Burtonesque Dolls is to create an original project following Cheri's AWESOME sketch (click on the link for deets)! Yah, this one was a fun one. I took this opportunity to play around with the different stitch options available on my sewing machine... boy, did I really open her up!!! hahahahahaha!

You can't really see because of the stitching, but I found the perfect Tim Holtz paper with the words "Cat" and "Girl", spicing it all up with the key and lock and I couldn't help but devote this one to Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. I felt the "period" image (Tickled Pink Stamps, 20's Evie) was the PERFECT image for this and I LOVED trying to age everything with the monochromatic Copic coloring. Yah, this one is definitely a favorite and it's only my first one! And why not? Alice In Wonderland is my ALL-TIME favorite!!! Could it BE more perfect??? LOL!

And finally, words to live by! This really is one of the best lines ever! :)

Check out what the rest of the design team turned out and check out this week's challenge HERE... go on... give this sketch a try! It's so great!!! While you're over there, send em some love.... thems my "new" girlz!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What's Your Favorite Flavor?

Ok... so my favorite flavor is.... ROSE! hahahahahaha! That REALLY makes me laugh! But it's true.

Last weekend, at my sister's bridal shower, we drank three awesome wines at the wine shop where we threw the shower. Among them was the most amazing wine called Villa M Rosso. It smelled of roses and then when I inhaled on the first sip I TASTED the roses!!! But this was not my first "taste" of this oh-so-decadent flower. My first taste of rose was in the form of gelato.

My husband and I were shopping at our local Whole Foods (you KNOW how I love that place) and walked past the gelato case. Now I LOVES me the gelato but have a tendency to shy away from the typical flavors (i.e. chocolate and lemon) and I RUN from artificially flavored gelatos, so Whole Foods is my only source for my beloved dessert that I rarely indulge when I find the same ol', same ol'. NOT THIS TIME!!! Super sonic high five is a-comin!!! White Rose Gelato??? Yep, they were serving white rose gelato and it's FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!! Apparently it's all natural, made with REAL white rose petals and is made locally! WOW! Did I hit the jackpot or what!?! And, I honestly never thought I would ever be telling anyone that my favorite flavor is "rose". That sounds almost as absurd to me as saying that my favorite flavor is pink! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, the next time you are presented with an opportunity to sample ANYTHING containing rose petals, please know that more and more rose flavored goodies are making their way to the top of my high five list! It's sooooo worth a try!

***Side bar: I used to be one of those girls who didn't really like getting flowers.... BRING ME ROSES... LOTS AND LOTS OF ROSES!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I just got a design team spot over at The Burtonesque Dolls! I cannot believe that I got picked! I've stalked The Burtonesque Dolls for quite some time never guessing that I would have the honor and privilege of designing with these masters of the paper crafting macabre!!! The Burtonesque Dolls is the place to go for Halloween all year long... how could I NOT want to be part of this team!?! Add to that, the "fun" that IS Tim Burton, well you can kind of guess why this is really so exciting!!!
Wish me luck gang! I am aiming to bring my designing up to the level of this incredible new team!!! They are amazing and I'm ready to learn, grow, share and break out my mad ninja goth skillz! First on the docket, though, is this week's challenge... it's probably better to pace myself anyway!
I don't know if you all remember the Crazy Halloween challenge that I ran in October, but for those of you who do, and were interested in the Tickled Pink Stamps that I gave away, here is another chance to snag some of that Tickled Pink Stamp action. The Burtonesque Dolls is holding a challenge this week... the theme is Movie Madness! The movie is Edward Scissorhands! Create your best Edward Scissorhands Scene and upload your original creation to the InLinkz at the bottom of the post for a chance to win your choice of TWO Tickled Pink Christmas Digis, or one rubbah from the Tickled Pink Stamp store! WOO HOO!!! What a prize!!! You know you want it!!! LOL! Just click on ANY of the links in this post for all the deets to enter this week's challenge, or simply click HERE!
So, I'll root for all of you (cuz those Tickled Pink Stamps ROCK), if you all root for me! HA! I'm gettin in touch with my inner goth even right now! HAHAHAHAHAHA... stay tuned! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


OMG... isn't this one CUTE!?! And I gotta say, it TOTALLY matched the outfit that I wore to my sister's bridal shower! That really is just so fun to do! You can do it too!!! Just use discount code "FITTERTWIT" over at OC Nail Art and receive a free image disc with a $30 purchase on top of free shipping!!! Be sure to choose your free image disc at checkout! :)

So for this Konadicure, I used my Nail Aid Pink Growth as a base, 2 coats of OPI's Decades of Shades, Konad image plates M57, M61 and M69 using China Glaze's GR8 from their OMG line, one coat of Northern Lights sparkly topcoat and then one final coat of Seche Vite. AWESOME!!! Click on the pic to enlarge. That is all today gang! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

And The Winner Is....

And the winner of the new C.C. Designs Coffee Kiki La Rue is......

  • Leslie from WI!!!! She said....
    "I would love to give a shout out to my nephew who is in the Air Force and my father who was in the Army for 25 years. Also, thank you to ALL the men and women who serve and give us our freedom!"

Congratulations Leslie, please email me at FitterTwit@yahoo.com to claim your prize. Thank you to everyone who left a comment and shared your families and your heart with me on Veterans Day. What a special day it was with my own family and you all just added to it! Leslie, you are going to LOVE this stamp... if you share what you make with it, I'll give it a special feature here at Fun And Mental Changes!!!

Welp, that's it for tonight! But stay tuned... there's more give aways comin down the road!!! <--- insert evil laugh here!

Friday, November 12, 2010


So, I was looking for SOMETHING to give to my sister for her bridal shower coming up this weekend, and you know how it is when you just can't seem to find the perfect thing... especially for the girl who has everything. Well, what about a mini album so she can compile her shower photos? BRILLIANT if I do say so myself! And she DOES love to create... it's the artist in us both. Yep, mini album it is! So a few days ago I was stalking the sites (as I sometimes do) and ran across this little gem at The Greeting Farm:

I don't know who created this masterpiece, but the postmarks and the monochromatic "aged" look was PERFECT for my sister... and I happen to have the PERFECT set of stamps from 7 Gypsies that featured Italian images and postmarks! YAY! Knowing that Italian is right up her alley, I was all over it!!! I bound 4 pages and matted the pages with complimentary papers from Graphic 45 and 7 Gypsies (you KNOW how I love them) and left it at that. I might throw in some embellies for her, but I know from personal experience, putting the album together is all the fun!

So for my interpretation of the AMAZING project above, I used The Greeting Farm's Cheeky Glamour, Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Odds and Ends and 7 Gypsies Venice clear stamps to make this little project and I love it... let's hope my sister does too!!! :)

Copics I used: E08, E18, E42, E39, E50, E51 and W3 <--- No really... that was it!!!

***UPDATE: I just got an email from The Greeting Farm. To see more AMAZING projects from this artist, check out http://rimna.blogspot.com/.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Honor Of Our Beloved Vets

Welp gang.... The Town Scrapper had PERFECT timing!!! I just received the coveted Coffee Kiki La Rue in the mail yesterday (along with some other AWESOME goodies) and as promised... I'm giving it away. You all know that I already own this gem and use it OFTEN! Can you think of ANY occasion where coffee doesn't work? hahahahhahaha! Anyway, in honor of this very special holiday and the service men in my own family, I get the pleasure of giving away this WONDERFUL stamp. Thanks Phebe and all the folks over at The Town Scrapper for donating this oh-so-great prize to give away on my blog. Thank you to our Veterans and all the men and women who are serving now.

How to win: all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post giving a shout out to service men and women you know. This give away will only be open to my Blogger followers.... cuz their pretty special too!!! I will leave this open until Saturday announcing the winner Saturday night. Random.org will be picking the winner.

To see some cards that I've posted using this beauty, click HERE!

Have a safe and fun Veteran's Day folks! Good luck to everyone who enters... this one's like GOLD!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

December Copic Class

Ok gang... just a quick post today letting you know that I will be teaching a Copic class at Paper Vineyard in Chandler, AZ, on December 12th. You will receive all materials to make the cutiepie pictured (except for the items listed below) and that even includes the stamp to take home with you for future creations! The list of items to bring to class with you are:
  • Copic Markers
  • Scissors
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Adhesive
  • Sukura Gelly Roll Pens (optional)
I will also be demoing the Bow Easy for making quick work of GORGEOUS bows, like the one featured here. The class starts at 1 p.m. Reserve your spot by calling 480-656-2058. I look forward to seeing you there!
Copic markers I used to make this card:
  • Dress - G40, R20, R29, R89, YG63, YG97
  • Boots/Basket - E42, E44, E49
  • Hair - E2, E8, E39
  • Skin - E50, E51, E53, R20
  • Misc. - W0, W3, W5
*** Stamp Set included with this class:  Kraftin Kimmie, Yvette

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Mess That Is Me Mid-Day

So my final project at The Town Scrapper is a two-parter for today's Showcase Monday. And Wow... what a project it is! It managed to morph at least 3 different times while putting it together. I am a MESS when trying to create in the afternoon. Catch me at 8 a.m. and Imma craftin fool, catch me at midnight and you'll find the same thing.... but 1 p.m. I crash! So I mentioned what a mess I am mid-day as one of the "three things about me" that I needed to add for the blog award I received the other day. Brace yourself.... this was the project I worked on Saturday at 1 p.m. Now I wonder why that made the list? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

My project features one of three images from The Greeting Farm's Miss Anya collection and started out just being an embellishment on the outside of a pocket that I was going to add to a card that was going to hold a gift certificate. Whew! The sentiment was originally, "Relax". THEN I realized that the pocket was a bit too large to hold a small gift card and decided to make a tag to go inside the pocket.... maybe I'll just add the pocket to a scrapbook layout? Nope! The third time's the charm.... I ended up removing Miss Anya from the pocket and adding her to the tag. The final version of this project didn't evolve until I redid the sentiment for the front of the pocket, "Giving Thanks". It was a "given" that the tag would be a "Thanks" card!!! And how perfect is the color palette for the Thanksgiving holiday??? The distressed sentiment is a nice addition for being an afterthought!!! hahahahahaha! Wow... so you all just got a glimpse at the utter confusion that befuddles me mid-day when trying to work in my scrapbook room. YIKES, pretty scary!!! Click on the link above to check out what the rest of the design team has to offer. I promise... their projects were not such a mess! The entire Miss Anya set can be found at The Town Scrapper, in Ontario, Canada.

I would just like to end this post with a special "THANK YOU" to ALL the wonderful ladies over at The Town Scrapper. The past 6 months designing with you and being your blog manager has been such a great pleasure!!! You all have taught me so much and were such a thrill to work with! I will miss working with you all, but you better believe that I will be visiting your blogs often. Please keep in touch... you all have become special friends to me. I gotta run now... I have something in my eye!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

For The Dolls!

Ok... I lovingly call this, "The Neighbor's Tree"! HA! I love this image. This card is an entry for the design team spot over at The Burtonesque Dolls (there's still time to enter gang) and it features Simply Betty's Tristan from the Punky Teens Christmas line.

I actually had a few people watching me create this with cackles of laughter.... I knew I was gonna have to post this one. So I used my sewing machine to do a ROUGH sew-job (I've been doing that A LOT as of late) and added some photo corners just to break up the black and white. I used some puffy paint to make the snow dimensional and my Cricut to cut the snowflake. I then added some Sakura metallic pen accents and this one was ready to go! I'm also working on a shaker Christmas ornament featuring this little guy... stay tuned for that one!!! Please keep your fingers crossed for me... the design team will be announced a week from Tuesday!!!
Alright folks.... pictured is the EVIL Martha Stewart circle cutter. Another featured item from the top ten faves. BE CAREFUL with this cutter. While it's a genius design.... well... who the heck makes a blade with a safety cap that slides to the side to remove?!? Just an FYI! LOL!
Have a great one folks. See you all tomorrow for my FINAL post with the AWESOME gals at The Town Scrapper (SNIFF!)!!! I'm gonna miss designing with those wonderful girls so much. I'm just gonna have to turn my "stalker" to warp drive!!! ;)
* Copics used: BG0000, BG000, C2, C4, C6, C9, E29, E35, E49, G40, G82, G85, R14, R89, W3

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Awards!!!

So this past week I've been honored with receiving a couple of blog awards!!! Can you believe it? How awesome is THAT?!? I got them from some seriously cool bloggers... bloggers I stalk!!! I'm just so psyched and would like to extend a huge thank you to Debra of Twisted Monkey Scraps and to Meredith of Meredith Scraps. I first met Debra when she won my October cartridge give-away and discovered she had a ROCKIN blog, so I began stalking her instantly. Meredith I discovered while perusing other's blogger friends and began stalking only to find out that she found me the same way! Don't you just LOVE blog-land?!? So anyway, be sure to check out my stalkers.... they are the BEST!!!

Now, for this blog award I have to list three things about me that are different from others. I don't know how different these are, but here goes....
  1. Inspiration for me flies out the window mid afternoon (HELLO... needing a siesta in America!).
  2. I have a hard time embellishing projects that I've colored with Copic markers... I don't know why.
  3. I talk to my projects as I'm creating them<--- PULEEZE, I know EVERYONE does that! Right?
Now, I'm supposed to nominate 5 more blogs, but how does someone choose only 5? Honestly, I stalk so many great blogs, I don't think I can.... there ISN'T a top 5. So what I did was number all of the blogs I stalk and then chose 5 random numbers, so here are my 5.

The first one is actually the UBER talented, and so SUPER nice, crafter who presented me with the Gypsy that I won over at the Cutting Above blog last year. She runs her own incredible blog... you can find her at http://bettybrett.blogspot.com/. Check her out... she is AWESOME!

The next blog is from a fellow design team member over at The Town Scrapper! Dawn is so great and I can definitely vouch for her 'ATTITUDE'! hahahahahhahaha! Check out Dawn's blog at http://dawnlewisimagery.blogspot.com/.

The third random pick is Mercy. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Mercy, but I can tell you that she certainly paper crafts with attitude! I discovered Mercy's blog while scrolling through the projects over at The Greeting Farm. Check her out at http://lordhavemercy-mercykerin.blogspot.com/.

The fourth blog is a blog that I began stalking soon after discovering Konad Nail Art. If you read my blog, you KNOW how much I love that nail art and so does the blogger over at http://polishandpowder.blogspot.com/, I know because she became one of my nail-art-enablers. hahahahahahaha!

The final blog nomination goes to a blog that hasn't been active for quite a while. But since I STILL stalk this blog for Halloween crafting (and it WAS picked by Random.org), here is http://witchescaldron.blogspot.com/ . Maybe if we all check them out, we can convince WHOEVER was running that blog to post again. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog.

Ok, those are my nominations. Sorry I couldn't pick 5 on my own without the help of Random.org, but that's really all your faults! If all you guys didn't have such incredible stuff, I would have a much easier time with this.

Oh! I almost forgot... here's the pic of my ATG gun... one of my top ten faves from my blog post the other day. You can check that out HERE. Have a great one gang!

Friday, November 5, 2010

So Tough!

Ok... WOW! That was harder than I expected! Not doing the "No Embellishment" creation for The Town Scrapper's weekly challenge (pictured above)... this one sort of made itself cuz the image rocks... no, I'm talking about posting my final, farewell blog post for The Town Scrapper. HUH! I teared a little while writing that post. Those incredible ladies have given me SO MUCH in the six months that I've designed with them and been their blog manager! So I hope you all head over there and show them some love. Oh, and while you're there, enter the "No Embellishment" challenge. The winner will receive the image that I featured in this project. It's a Victoria Case Design called Big Dreams Evan.... one of my favorite Victoria Case stamps!!!

So, on to new and exciting adventures. I'M IN HOT PURSUIT! I have recently been doing Copic marker instruction and am about to embark on teaching Cricut and Gypsy classes! AND......I am also going after a really great design team position! I've been stalking this blog for some time and got the pleasure of working with members of it's design team during a couple of blog hops over the past month. They are a group of amazing designers that I KNOW will kick my own work up a notch if I am awarded the design team slot. Cross your fingers for me y'all! The design team call is over at The Burtonesque Dolls and I'm SOOOO HOPING I am one of the lucky designers that gets picked. And sending a couple of prayers my way couldn't hurt either. This design team style is SOOOO up my alley!!!

Ok, so to finish off today's post, I was asked to show pics from yesterday's Top Ten Scrapper-Gadget List. I thought it might be nice to spread it out a little so everyone isn't bombarded with a ton of information. So today I will feature the "bonus fave".... The Creative Options Grab and Go system!

This is a SERIOUS scrapper's Tool Box! The thing is ENORMOUS!

Not only do each of the three "trays" have a locking/snap lids, but they also store into the case with a locking/snap door. Everything is secure!

Finally, the top compartment is SO ENORMOUS!!! I LOVE this case. I'm thinking about picking up the mid-size one as well. I mean, this is AMAZING organization. I'm a freak for the Feng Shui and I LOVE knowing where all my stuff is! This baby does it for me! :)
Ok... stay tuned for another featured "Fave" tomorrow! ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Top Ten Faves!

Ok, so sometime last year I shared my top ten favorite kitchen gadgets. I AM gadget girl after all! So I thought it would be fun, with all the crafting I've done this year, to touch on my favorite must-have scrap-room gadgets too! So here we go. First up...

  • Of course it's my Cricut! Before I had a scrapbook room, I had my Cricut thanx to my sister's VERY GENEROUS Christmas gift. As a matter of a fact, my Cricut IS THE REASON I have a scrapbook room!
  • Coming in number two then would be my Gypsy! My "design anywhere and cut when I get home" buddy that I lovingly named Charlie. As a companion to the Cricut, this really is my must have. It saves me from having to lug all my cartridges to crops and I LOVE the compact on-the-go-ness of it and the ability to create so many things with the special features that are only found on the Gypsy. I love Charlie.
  • Number three is my cuttlebug. I think for many scrappers, this just about rounds up the top three. I use my cuttlebug for both embossing and die cutting. It's been MAINLY embossing....well, until I discovered the Tim Holtz Sizzix strip dies.... OMG!
  • And that's a good lead-in to number four. The Tim Holtz Sizzix strip dies! The two I own are the film strip and the ticket strip. I am currently working on a Christmas layout featuring the ticket strip... if the companion Odds and Ends stamp set would just come in! LOL!
  • Number five is my Martha Stewart Score Board. I've talked a bit about it in my Halloween envelope tutorial, but really, this thing is like NO OTHER score board on the market at a price that can't be beat by anyone. Tip: Take a coupon with you when you RUN to pick one up!
  • I am begrudgingly admitting that Martha Stewart is taking up a little chunk of my top ten faves. You all know she tried to kill me, but I find there is a glimmer of forgiveness since she DOES make the coolest crafting tools EVA! So number six is my Martha Stewart circle cutter. The framework houses bearings so that the frame can stay stationary while the blade pivots and the cutting template spins for an even cut. This one (and rather compact) tool cuts circles in 16th inch increments from 1 inch all the way up to 5.5 inches. PLEASE be careful.... the safety cap on the very sharp blade SLIDES TO THE SIDE to remove. Ask me how I found out....
  • Good ol' Martha Stewart also appears for my number seven with her spider web punches. I own all four. The corner web and the border web punch are the newest to my collection and make up the "punch-around-the-page" set that you've seen me working with to master. I also own the single web and the deep punch whole web border punch..whew, say THAT three times fast! Of all the punches I own, these punches are my absolute favorites!
  • Number eight is my magnetic, self healing cutting mat by Basic Grey...appears in the pic above (click to enlarge). It comes with super strong magnet pins that hold projects in place while I'm working on them. I find that this comes in really handy when I'm playing with the alcohol inks and when I'm stamping. The mat also is completely ruled which is a necessity when I'm working!
  • Number nine is my laser printer. Now this was not and is not a "Scrapper's Gadget" really, since I owned this office printer BEFORE I picked up this little scrapping hobby, but once I starting working with Copic markers, I discovered what a blessing this particular gadget really is. Laser toner is heat set and DOES NOT MOVE when I'm coloring with Copics. Because of this, I started a library of digi stamps that I probably wouldn't have cared to collect or even try for that matter if I had any other type of printer.
  • Ok.... my number nine and a half, pictured above, is my Bow Easy. I LOVE this cheap, easy to use, easy to store little bow-making wonder. I recently put in a request for Paper Vineyard to stock it. Keep your fingers crossed ladies, but until then, the ordering information is right on this handy dandy little gadget. This little bow maker actually makes 7 sizes of bows from teeny tiny to really quite large. It makes the simple bows and it also makes GORGEOUS multiple loop bows!
  • Number ten is my ATG Gun. Another new gadget, I honestly don't know how I made ANYTHING without it! Now my reasoning is probably going to make you laugh, but I LOVE how big it is!!! Size DOES matter, after all! ESPECIALLY when you spread out like I do to scrapbook. The frustration of finding the little glue runner that ALWAYS seems to get buried is finally over for me. The runner runs smoothly and I seem to have a never-ending supply of glue at all times.... I STILL haven't had to change out the tape roll! Yep, definitely love this one!

Alright, that about does it for my faves! I do have another favorite that doesn't exactly qualify as a gadget, but I'll share it anyway. My BONUS fave is my extra large Creative Options Grab and Go system. For at-home or "take to the crop" organizing, this thing really packs a punch! I got mine with a coupon (like pretty much everything), so it was uber affordable. If you can get your hands on one, I highly recommend it.

Ok scrappers... have a terrific Thursday. I gotta run and do my nails. OOOOOO... I feel another top 10 gadget list comin on! hahahahahahahaha!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taking A Punch

** The following blog post is the insane rantings of an Alice In Wonderland freak. This post may not be suitable for all audiences....
I can usually get inspired by a trip to my local craft store, but today I've got a story of being overtaken and molested by it. I was going through the clearance aisle of my local Joann's craft store when I spied the mother of all punches. In fact, this is BY FAR THE COOLEST punch I've ever seen!!! Now WHY was this punch being given away at the mere price tag of $3.00 (ok, and there were TWO THERE...that's NUTS)? HOW did I manage to be in the right place at the right time to snag this hidden gem? And WHY had I never seen this punch before? I gotta be honest, I not only would have paid full price for this beauty, I would have probably paid double on steal-bay... that's how great this punch is. There HAD to be a catch here.... did this punch not work? At $3, who cares! I took it and RAN to the checkout. Well, you can tell by the above pic that this punch not only works, but is every bit as cool as I'm tellin ya! I've even started punching in red and black cardstock just to save the little card suites to use as confetti down the road. A waste of perfectly good cardstock... I THINK NOT!!! Doesn't EVERYONE need card suite confetti??? I mean it's great for weddings, some funerals, New Years, retirement parties and casino themed Bat-mitzvahs... to name a few. I plan on using some to fill a shaker card. I LOVE MY NEW PUNCH! Just thought I'd share! :)
Now for the "goods"! The images are Tiddly Inks digi images and the punch is an EK Success punch. Run, don't walk, to your nearest Joann's... hopefully you will find this gem on clearance too! ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

November Copic Class

*This is my THIRD post for the day (YIKES), please scroll down to catch my design team project for The Town Scrapper and the winner of the Crazy Halloween Challenge!!!
Ok, I'm teaching another Copic Palooza over at the Paper Vineyard! This class will feature the uber-cute Kraftin Kimmie Stamp Lillith for "Girlz Rule"! Check her out!
CLASS: Sunday, November 21st @ 2 p.m.
COST: $30, price includes materials to make the project INCLUDING the Kraftin Kimmie Lillith stamp to take home with you for future creations!
TOOLS TO BRING: your Copic Markers, sharp scissors, adhesive, paper trimmer, pop dots and an attitude! LOL!
CONTACT: 480-656-2058 to reserve your spot
Below is the original design with little Lillith standing out on the card... well, that was until I found the crown ribbon!!! Suddenly I wanted that to stand out instead... I wonder why? hahahahahaha! Isn't it just great?

Have a great one gang!

I'm Trying!!!

*This is my second post of the day, please scroll down to see the winner of the Crazy Halloween Challenge!
So, it's November 1st and I just can't seem to let go of the Halloween holiday. It went too fast!!! So for today's Showcase Monday over at The Town Scrapper (click HERE for store information), I featured this monochromatic Halloween Birgitta by C. C. Designs. I love this little witch!!! But while I'm having issues letting go, the other designers over at The Town Scrapper showed some awesome projects, non of which are Halloween themed! hahahahahaha! Check them out:


So along with the "Second Halloween" I proposed yesterday.... what do you all say if we started dressing up in costumes for Thanksgiving? Wouldn't that be a cool new tradition???


CONGRATULATIONS SIMPLYDV9!!! You are the winner of the Tickled Pink stamp collection! Please contact me at FitterTwit@yahoo.com with your contact information!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated! It was so much fun seeing everyone's Crazy Halloween creations!!! Stay tuned, because I've got more blog fun coming up later today! :)

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