Saturday, April 17, 2010

When It Rains, It Poors

This has got to stop! I'm broke! Stamps, Copic markers, paper, ink... and now *DIGI STAMPS!!! All of this is a must to prepare for when my Copics arrive, but I've GOT to slow down! Isn't it worth it though... check out that pic!!!

Earlier today I mentioned that I would be posting more inspiration that I discovered at Summerthyme Studio... well, here it is! The images in the pic are digi stamps that I purchased from The Greeting Farm. I knew OF digi stamps, but (just like Copics) I didn't see the big draw for digital stamping. OH... do I know better now. Digi stamps are the PERFECT PALETTE for coloring! Not only can you tailor the size of the image (which I'm still trying to perfect), but you can print multiples which is an awesome convenience for anyone who makes multiple cards. <---- insert guilt trip here for anyone who does not make multiple cards to send to Cards For Soldiers! hahahaha! And the BEST discovery that I've found is that my laser printer's toner sets and DOESN'T MOVE or bleed. The images pictured were colored with Stampin Up markers and not only was the "stamped" image solid and uniform, but it was super simple to color over without worry that it would smear. Now, I haven't tried it with Copics YET (PULEEZE come next week... didn't I already say that in the last post?), but I'm almost positive that if water-based, dye ink won't smear it, neither will quickly evaporating alcohol-based ink. But we will see. For now, I'm LOVING the .2 seconds it takes to get a beautiful and solid image to color and shade.

*"Digi" is short for digital; they are digital images that you download on your computer and print out on your printer. Because I printed my digi stamps onto cardstock, I had to use the "bypass" tray on my laser printer otherwise the thick cardstock would have jammed my printer. Be sure to check that your printer can handle thick cardstock before printing your digi stamps onto it.

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