Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Are Just So Sweet... Really!

Every year I do the Master Cleanse and I love it. Along with being able to credit this cleanse with creating a cleaner me, it also can be credited with removing refined sugar from my diet... which is huge. So when I read's blog post on Maple Syrup, I sat up and paid attention. Note: REAL maple syrup should not be confused with pancake syrup, although tastes very good on them!!! In fact, the only sweeteners that I use are maple syrup and agave nectar.

Maple syrup is one of those magical ingredients that sweetens AND nourishes. Unlike refined sugar, maple syrup feeds the body and promotes healing. Maple syrup is one of the ingredients used to make the lemonade that you consume while on the Master Cleanse... along with cayenne, lemon and water. Yes, I said cayenne. Any culinary guru can tell you that sweet and spicy works very well together and this lemonade is no exception (it doesn't hurt that cayenne promotes healing as well... wink, wink). In fact, the taste of this lemonade makes this fasting cleanse surprisingly easy to do, and you can drink as much of the lemonade as you want. This lemonade tastes so good that I haven't drank lemonade any other way since first doing the master cleanse two years ago. For more information on the Master Cleanse, check out The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs. It's full of tons of health information on top of everything you need to know about completing the cleanse. Drop me a line if you decide to give the Master Cleanse a try... I can hook you up with a few "Master Cleanse Communities" that were invaluable to me when I did it the first time.

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