Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When!?!? Come On Already!!!

WHEN!!!!??? UGH!!!!! I want to see this movie soooo bad and have been hearing that it is going to be released since 2005! I can honestly say though, that my hopes are up this time. I checked the Internet Movie Database and saw promotional pix for the first time... yay! And they have also updated the release date to 2010. The last time I checked, the release date was 2008. Maybe, just maybe it's finally happening!?! I love the game and know that the movie is going to be every bit as good (has to be with all the time that they're putting into it!). I would SO love to know who's going to be The Cheshire Cat!!! I have loved Alice in Wonderland stories my whole life and own 4 versions of the movie.... yes, including the Disney animated feature! I cannot wait to add this version to my collection. A scary verson of Alice in Wonderland.... I'm not really into scary movies, but am totally into Alice in Wonderland... oh, this is going to be great! We are all mad here!

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