Monday, April 20, 2009

OMG... It's An Illness!

You know... for someone that I SERIOUSLY dismissed as a "reality star", Kim Kardashian is really turning out to be a celebrity in my eyes. She's "turning the tide" and I LOVE IT. I'm totally obsessed with seeing what she will do or say next... it's an illness. I know that actors are kind of down on reality stars because they get paid for simply having a camera crew follow them around, but if actors would have taken time to connect with "real people" beyond the glitz of Hollywood, reality stars wouldn't be so successfully winning our hearts. You see, while actors have to watch what they say and how they say it for fear of alienating the next gig, reality stars are paid for the very opposite. And I'm so tired of seeing the Hollywood fakes! The "Putting Real In Reality" is what I think Kim Kardashian has tapped into. I think she's realizing that she's getting paid for just being herself and she's starting to loosen up and open up to the public about it. In my opinion, she is single handedly turning the tide on what actually IS beautiful. Here you have an unbelievably gorgeous woman behaving like the rest of us (well, except for the sex tape thing... oops, or maybe not) with cellulite, falling asleep in the sun.... click on the link for THAT article!

I am seriously sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next completely regular thing for this girl to do. I will be in my glory the day that photos surface of her gorging herself on Haagen Dazs with mascara streaked down her face. Real girls are not airbrushed. And for a very long time, because of airbrushing, real girls have had to go to great lengths to hide our imperfections. Thank you Kim Kardashian! Thank you for showing the world that real girls are beautiful, curves, cellulite, tan lines (or burn lines) and all!!! Keep it coming.

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Tati Capelli said...

heheheee! Loved the post, so funny! I actually didn't know her until now, but after your post I'm seriously thinking of becoming a fan, too! She sounds interesting, real and funny!
Tati Capelli