Thursday, April 23, 2009

Combining... Great Idea!

Inspiration comes from the darndest places. I have a new friend on Twitter who seriously makes me laugh. She is someone that I have never met in person, but we have an awful lot in common... (clearly the same sense of humor)! She and I both love to scrapbook and love to tweet. I would not have thought of this, but in my gratitude for meeting someone I otherwise would never have had the chance to talk to, Twitter is really filling a communication void. It's bringing back the fine art of "pen pal-ing" that died out many years ago and making it lightening fast. It's also enabling people to maintain "pen pal" relationships simultaneously with multiple people. I will call it "highly efficient pen pal-ing". I wonder if inmates are utilizing Twitter? Dang! Where the heck did THAT thought come from??? Anyway, it has been a source of major education for me already. But....

*** Just a little warning! I think that Twitter is blowing up faster than they can keep up. I sent a question to the support department and got a message almost a month later that said, "Twitter is currently reviewing your request. We get a lot of requests each day, and we can't answer all of them. We may not get to yours right away, or for quite awhile. If we can't get to your request, we'll let you know." Hahahahaha!!! I know that Twitter is currently raking in the dough, but whoever drafted this response email... I would fire them on the spot! What a horrible message to send out representing ANY corporate entity. Wow! It's one thing to not respond to someone's inquiry for a month, it's quite another to basically tell me that I'm unimportant! Again, Wow!
So a new communication/media/commerce outlet is about to take off and I thought I would share it here with everyone. The idea behind the concept is pretty amazing. It really combines everything (Ebay, Twitter, MySpace, etc.). With a structure like that, they will HAVE to have superior customer service in place to even compete!!!! If they do, I believe they will surpass their predecessors. Just my opinion. If you wanna check it out, here's a link:
Also, once I heard about this ground breaking site, I sent out an email to all my friends. I thought I'd share it here too so that everyone can see what I saw (namely free shares). I hope it helps to rid us of the seriously failing service that is prevalent in the tech world today. No matter how much technology you throw into the mix, this world will always run based on the relationships we have and how we nurture them. We win and lose based on that principal no matter how it's all wired.
***Link to the email I posted to MySpace****

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