Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wow... Inspiration!!

Thank you Nalamom! Your pen bouquet turned out AMAZING!!! It made my heart swell to see that someone read my Thief post and was inspired! And when I say inspired.... WOW! This bouquet is way better than the one I did. Now I'm inspired to do a spring bouquet. So basically what I'm saying is, I'm stealin this one too... hahahaha. You got the flowers from Michaels you said? Well folks, I guess I gotta run to Michaels! But I wanted to take a second to show everyone Nalamom's handy work. This is absolutely beautiful.

Nalamom: "It will just be nice to know where I can get a pen!"
Fittertwit: "And it's beautiful too! You're so crafty!"
Nalamom: "Na-uh!"

**To purchase a custom ordered Flower Pen Bouquet for a friend, loved one, or just yourself (to open your chi..hahaha) feel free to visit Fittertwit Made by Hand Crafts Store. Nalamom and I would LOVE to get a bouquet out to you! OOO, just in time for Mother's Day! :)
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1 comment:

NalaMom said...

OMGOSH... these are GORGEOUS! O wait... they're mine. LOL

Yes, I had a BALL creating them last night. It was so relaxing. I am definitely going to make some more for the "moms" in my life.