Saturday, April 4, 2009

It Just Means So Much!

Well, today is my birthday! Yay me! And like most every birthday, my husband spends the day in the kitchen making me Lasagna. This lasagna is just about the most amazing birthday present I have ever received and I get it every year. The tradition started just a couple of weeks after my husband and I met. He found out my birthday was coming up and asked me what I wanted. I told him that he and I just met and that I couldn't accept a gift from him but that I really appreciated the thought. He insisted finally asking me if I wanted him to cook something for me. Ok, so he kicked the door WIDE open, how could I NOT test the waters?!? I smiled and said, "Lasagna. I would love lasagna." I knew that lasagna was pretty labor intensive and expected him to say that he couldn't do it, but instead, he smiled and proudly said, "Ok, lasagna it is!" My heart fell to the floor. I could not believe it. The day of my birthday, he took me to the store with him to "buy the goods". He did not skimp on anything. Being a guy, he spent the entire trip to the store boasting that he was getting the finest ingredients and that this lasagna was going to be the best... and it was! He has made it for me ever since. He always gets the freshest spinach, the best ricotta and parmesan, and hand selected hot italian sausage and ground turkey at the meat counter. The sauce is made from scratch (with a little help from a few canned ingredients) with all the right seasonings. It would not be a birthday without my lasagna.

I am listing this post under gift giving ideas because this lasagna represents the ultimate in gift giving. Something like this is special beyond words. It requires someone's time, their money and is the sincerest of gestures. Just look at the pic! Nothing says I love you more than that slice of cheesy, yummy goodness. It suddenly hit me tonight that I wish I had a picture of EVERY lasagna my husband has made for me over the past 15 years. I would totally do a scrapbook titled, "Ode to Kevin's Lasagna". He is just the greatest!
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