Sunday, April 12, 2009

Feng Shui Part 2

Well, fortunately for me we moved into a rental house that was less than half the size of the ranch home we had just sold while we waited for our home's construction to complete. I say fortunately because I learned very quickly that as bad as you believe something is, it can get worse. There's nothing like floor to ceiling piles of boxes to block one's chi. That is how we lived for 8 months. I was aching for the space I thought I didn't have before. I wanted the doors and fences and dust... for just a second. Then something changed. I started dreaming of what the new home was going to be like. Because of this severe lack of space, I was able to actually see what the solutions to all of my complaints might be and kept a notebook of all my house design ideas. I thought about color schemes and did research on color and mood enhancement. I also researched home organization. You would be amazed what can be done in your home for virtually no money but save tons of time and space. Those eight months learning HOW to really make my new home work was a huge blessing. Being that I'm pretty disorganized and flighty by nature, I was blessed with not only the time (8 months), but also the motivation (seriously cramped environment) to make this new home be a source of peace for me and running smoothly. All this research and all these tools led me to one topic of discussion.... enter Feng Shui! Learning about Feng Shui combined all of this information into one principal: Placement/Structure. My very favorite book on this topic is Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barrett. I am a very visual person, so ideas along with visual examples and excerpts on application were not only key in my understanding of Feng Shui, but how to make it work for me as well. This is way more than red and gold decor or rock gardens! This is about a peaceful home free of clutter, one that allows you to move freely and gives you a place to relax away from the stress of the day. Even though I still have a lot to learn on the topic, I can honestly say that what I know has changed my life and the way I live it! When the physical things in your life stop creating tension, you would be amazed how the mental and spiritual things follow. I believe that also works the other way as well. For me though, changing the environment allowed me to breathe and relieved some pressure in my life. The dynamics with those I live with even changed. My husband jokingly says that I'm "all fenged up", but I know he loves it. I can tell by his mood every night when he gets home from work. I would have to say that we're both "fenged up"!

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