Monday, April 27, 2009

Victim or Victor?

Every one of us has at least one story, some of us have many. Something incredible that has happened to us that we can either see as very bad and hurtful, or we can see beyond the pain to what it really is. The only good picture I can paint for this blog is that of childbirth. A child is conceived and the mother goes through 9 months (give or take) of discomfort that culminates in a great deal of pain to finally bring a child into the world. This blessing was always there (inside the womb) but the right pieces came together and it finally "materialized"! Mom cries tears of joy forgetting the immeasurable pain she just went through and the 9 month road that got her there. Suddenly it's all worth it; suddenly she is not a victim of the pain, but rather, received the most amazing blessing from it. Will you hear that story from every mother? The answer, sadly, is no.

For some people it is very hard to get past what "has happened to them" no matter what miraculous blessings result. Sometimes what happens to you is not about you at all. I believe that for those of us who can get over that, there is real and miraculous blessings coming our way. Everything truly works for the good for those who love the lord (see Romans 8:28), and this very thing can allow you to be grateful and victorious. A victim will be blinded, "Look what I lost because this happened." The victor gains sight, "Look what I gained because this happened." What we see and don't see will always be our choice, but what is really there was always predestined.

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