Monday, April 20, 2009

One Girl's Opinion on Greasing Your Own Gear With Regulation

I am a lover of Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Report, but unfortunately not today!!! After listening to Elizabeth Warren talk about financial regulations that affected Stewart (on The Daily Show) enough to tout that her spiel was financial chicken soup, I watched the Stephen Colbert Show where he then proceeded to "define" what the very "regulations" will probably look like. This is what we could and should expect from our government; The Word Of The Day: Have Your Cake And Eat It Too. Don't get me wrong... the show was brilliant and I so agree with the views Stephen "doesn't" support, but it reminded me that the current condition of our government will not provide real resolution for the current circumstances and that I really should just buckle myself in for the economy to get far worse. It is only when the pain of change exceeds the pain of staying the same that our economy will turn around. With the current state of government corruption, I just don't see real motivation for real change. Just look at all the ear marks that our congressman attached to the stimulus package. A package, that in my opinion again, created a bigger hemorrhage. Never in our history have we lent money on failing collateral. And this money wasn't even a loan! Paying billions to companies that aren't even worth millions is just stupid. And the idea that poorly managed companies would not be replaced with well managed companies is again.... just stupid. THEY DIDN'T NEED OUR INTERFERENCE!!! But we did interfere; this from the "great thinkers" running this country. If left to fail (just like they are, even today WITH the bailout money... our money), I would bet that well managed companies (some who may not have even been in the financial biz) would branch out and excel causing our economy to do the same. But our government put a certain stop to that. No one can convince me that our congress, our entire government really, is not corrupt. At a time when we needed as much money as we possibly could to be put to work just to stabilize our country, these "wonderful" politicians were still attaching their own agenda's for gain to the stimulus package that WASN'T EVEN READ! They're only concern was trying to get an extra buck attached to that bill when our economy is literally bleeding out!!!

Chicken soup or cake... "what is that special ingredient.... arsenic? YUM!"

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