Sunday, April 5, 2009

It Really Is Saving My Life!

Ooooo... purple!!!! As I was brushing this AMAZING color on my nails this morning, it hit me that there just could be more to this polish addiction than meets the eye. Now, some may think that I'm just trying to dream up a justification to run out and buy the new summer Color Club colors, but that just simply is not the case. I am trying to get a message out to possibly save a life; maybe even my own! hahahahaha! On a serious note, I think I DO know what the sudden new attraction is to nail polish. For starters, it is a very cheap way to feel beautiful! Instead of spa treatments or new outfits, I buy a new nail polish (usually in the $2-$4 range). Nothing makes you feel more put together, for less, than freshly polished nails. Second, I think there is quite a bit of merit to the idea that color affects your mood. I tend to gravitate toward bright cheerful colors. But recently, I've been choosing deeper, richer colors. More calming maybe? Anyhow, color therapy is certainly not a new concept and I DO notice that I feel wonderful shopping for a new nail polish color. My next test is to go nail polish shopping when I'm angry or aggravated to see how/if it changes my mood. OOOOO.... Experiment!!! The new polish pictured on my nails is OPI's Can You Dig It with a Konad nail stamp in Color Club's What A Drag. So very nice! I have been wanting to do these stars on purple so bad, and this was just the PERFECT purple!!! They turned out great and gave me a pretty little kick to the 'same-old' purple outfit I pulled out of my closet and wore today. See, one more benefit! If it means I can save just one life, it makes buying that nail polish that is on sale worth it!!! hahahahahaha!

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