Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pass The Ketchup?

So I'm gonna have to eat a little crow here.... but only a little.... regarding the receipt of my Kindle in the 5-9 day delivery estimate that Amazon DID IN FACT end up honoring (I just got my Kindle). However, the fact that the first customer service contact I had the other day DID NOT make me feel like a valued customer means that I'm only taking a nibble. When a customer is having an impatience issue with a product that they ordered, THE LAST thing they want to hear is, "you should have picked a quicker shipping speed" or "we pick the most economical method of shipping", ESPECIALLY when that customer spent better than $200 with your company to qualify for "Super Saver Shipping". Earning "Super Saver Shipping" with higher purchase amounts SHOULD encourage customers to spend more with your company. Making your customer feel like they have been pushed to the back of the line BECAUSE they spent more money with you will only cause the customer TO NOT WANT TO SHOP WITH YOUR COMPANY. Now... that being said, the SECOND point of contact with Amazon customer service (Mr. Scott V.) NAILED the service response.

When dealing with ANY customer issue, "I'm sorry" goes a VERY long way. Me, being the impatient (and slightly rude) customer who was freaking out about my birthday present not shipping six days after it was ordered is a VALID issue especially when the item was in stock at the time of ordering. The fact that Mr. Scott V. began his email with "I'm sorry" immediately made me receptive to the rest of his email message. He showed that Amazon may have just cared a little what their customer was going through. He then struck gold and followed up the "I'm sorry" with telling me that Amazon wanted to rectify my issue quickly and did in fact want me to have my Kindle for my birthday. He gave me a full delivery status and followed that with Amazon's intention to fulfill the estimated time frame. It was not until I received The Kindle that I saw the fulfillment of my order WAS FROM WITHIN the state that I live. Right from the start, I was believing that the fulfillment of my order was coming from out of state and after 6 days of my item not shipping, I had a real worry that it may not make it to me in the 5-9 day delivery estimate that set the expectation in the first place. Ok, so I was wrong. But I STILL stand by the fact that withholding a shipment for 6 days for the person who EARNED (remember, you have to qualify for that "super saver shipping") is quite a demotivator to spend the extra cash to qualify... I mean, what's the REAL benefit? Add to that a customer service representative that spews logistics at an emotional purchase and you have a rather distasteful shopping experience.

Ok, so I was wrong and flew off the handle waging a complaint with Amazon prematurely, however, I stand by my comment that customer service was severely lacking with that initial customer service contact and COULD have quelled my issues quickly before I got rude and now have to eat crow. Yuck! Can someone pass the ketchup?

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Piper said...

I agree with you about customer service. Did you get the name of who "helped" you? I had a problem with my kindle in january and not only did they honor the warranty and send me a new one, when I was a month past it, but they also sent my replacement with next day shipping. I indeed got it the very next day. It's crazy that we had such different experiences with their CS.