Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amazon... What Is Wrong?

So, you live and you learn. I did a GREAT review for The Kindle the other day. In fact, I did the review touting how WONDERFUL The Kindle was compared to The Nook... well, I just so happened to have written that post the day after I ordered The Kindle from Amazon.com.
Since then (going on 6 DAYS AGO) Amazon STILL hasn't shipped it. That's right. My order purchase came to a whopping total of $259 and for that amount included free super saver shipping. Is "super saver" code for "this person's gonna get HORRIBLE service and have to wait FOREVER to even get what they ordered"? Really, I'm just curious. Had I known that I wouldn't have an e-reader right now (in my hot little hands) to enjoy, I WOULD have opted for The Nook. The differences between the two readers are SLIGHT at best (although I stick with that hinge being oh so cool! Barnes and Noble, LISTEN TO ME!).... but if Barnes and Noble's customer service is only minimally better than what I've gotten from Amazon so far, The Nook WOULD DEFINITELY be the way to go.

So now, for those who haven't read my review, here's the link: MY ONCE RAVING FAN REVIEW. And for those who have read it, I RETRACT! Now let me tell you what The Nook has going for it. 1) You can share your books with your friends!!! 2) The battery is removable and finally 3) The screen appears to be BIGGER. So yes, I know that two of the three items listed here were also listed in my previous review, but if you add #4 as being GREAT SERVICE, I probably would have ordered The Nook all day long even without the hinge. Although (LISTEN TO ME) The Nook REALLY needs a hinge to integrate that e-reader with a cover. But the hinge means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the person who STILL DOESN'T HAVE THE KINDLE SHE ORDERED... and for her birthday no less!!! Amazon, you really could have done better for a birthday girl!!!

Note: I sent an email to customer service at Amazon... as of yet, I haven't gotten a response.

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