Thursday, March 11, 2010

Celestial Ruffian

Whew! Ruffian is RIGHT! After a night of tossing and turning, I woke up feeling quite the "Ruffian", but that's not where this post comes from. But SINCE I brought it up....

Let me tell you about my night! A friend of mine has a daughter who is getting ready to deliver her first child. I am so emotionally invested in this delivery, I can't see straight! I WISH I could articulate exactly why. Love for my friend? Definitely... But this is also going A LOT deeper for me. And I am truly blessed to be allowed to share in this HUGE waiting game for this newborn to make his entrance into the world. So with all this waiting and excitement and NOT SLEEPING, a "Ruffian" manicure is JUST what the doctor (not the obstetrician) ordered. Not only did this little mani kill some time during this long wait, but it went a LONG way to making me feel pretty good and distracting my mind!!! I mean, a person can only cry so much (yah, I bawled like a baby when they hooked her up to the monitor and the baby's heartbeat filled the room)! And I think it turned out GREAT for my first ruffian manicure. So I used Orly Bonder for my base coat, then one coat of OPI's Golden Rules followed by one coat of Color Club's Black 450 leaving a sliver of a crescent moon of gold showing. After all that dried, I stamped the stars with Konad image plate M3 and topped the whole thing with Esse's Matte About You matte topcoat. If you click on the pic to enlarge, you will see that the stars on the pinkie smudged a little.... Esse's Matte About You MUST be applied quickly and with as few strokes as possible. The three stroke method is a MUST here!!! Also, while wet, it is glossy and dries QUICKLY to a matte finish. GREAT STUFF!!!

So, now that my nails are done... I think it's time for sleep! After all, I only need to look at my nails for starry skies! I hope you all liked this one! :)

**** Jessica, THANK YOU for allowing me to be part of this amazing event! I was so thrilled to hang out with you and your mom during the LONG WAIT!!! Congratulations Mommy!


zuzu said...

First time ruffian + stars together .. Love it!

ART OF NAIL said...


susies1955 said...

Nothing like the birth of a baby especially if the Mom is the daughter of a good friend.
LOVE your manicure. Awesome.