Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Going Out On A Limb Here

So! There have been a few pivotal bonding moments between me and my sister over the years. 1) When I saved her life from a pending scorpion attack. 2) When we stayed up all night playing Super Mario Brothers. 3) When we saw Road Trip in the theater. AND 4) When we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine... oh, wait, that hasn't happened yet! hahaha!

I'm going out on a limb here and saying that this is going to be the MUST SEE MOVIE event of the year. Not only does it star one of the best known heart throbs of the 80's, Mr. John Cusack, but the premise of the film is (DARE I SAY?) BRILLIANT!!!!

The movie is set back in the 80's, probably THE SINGLE BEST DECADE EVER, which leads me to believe that the soundtrack ALONE is going to be worth the price of admission. Did I mention that 80's heart throb John Cusack is in this??? Those who have seen Better Off Dead know EXACTLY why this is significant. Where was I? OH! And the plot line is hysterical with four grown men going back in time and landing in their teen selves in 1986. Now, grown men on any adventure is funny (Really! You need to be in my garage on Saturday mornings). We've seen that dynamic in films such as City Slickers, Wild Hogs, Without A Paddle, the aforementioned Road Trip and most recently The Wrong Guys, and it is funny without a doubt. And we also know that movies about teen boys are HYSTERICAL, well, because teen boys are STUPID and it's funny!!! We've seen that in movies such as Super Bad, Napoleon Dynamite, Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure, Drill Bit Taylor, Dude Where's My Car and again, the aforementioned Road Trip as well as just about any John Cusack film from the 80's, hahahaha! But meld those two together and what do you get? Probably the best movie ever made!!! Well, I hope! It HAS to be. I mean, I'm no professor of comedy, but add funny and funny together and what do you get? Freakin Hilarious!!! I cannot wait for this movie to release. I will be there opening day! For those who haven't seen the previews, here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure. The ONLY thing that could ruin this movie for me is gratuitous nudity... PULEEZE let the makers of this film NOT HAVE GONE THERE! With a storyline like this movie has... it can stand all on it's own. See you all at the movies!

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