Saturday, March 27, 2010


Yep, the give away deadline is today. It's open to my followers only (the greatest people in the world), so if you're not a follower, you're gonna wanna be one! :) Then click on THIS LINK and go to the give-away announcement to leave a comment. Tonight at 11:59 p.m. I will have pick a number and will announce the winner. Good luck to everyone! :)
In the meantime... here's some sexy Konadicure goodness.
I ADORE those vampie colors! China glaze hit a home run with VII. It's a drop dead gorgeous vampie purplish-brown wine color. This color is IT! Then, to add a little romance to that sexy, I added those flowers with the amazing holo of China Glaze's TTYL from their OMG collection (I love those colors). Yah, I'm wearing this one OUT!!! It's so beautiful. The Konad image disc I used was M20.
I have really fallen in love with China Glaze... now, if they could JUST make those brushes larger!
*** Base coat is one coat of Nail Aid's Pink Growth Therapy and the top coat is Seche Vite.

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ART OF NAIL said...

wow gorgeous mani,=)