Saturday, March 27, 2010


Bunny... THANK YOU! This is sooooo nice!

Ok y'all! Bunny over at Konad & Me tagged me for this award and I'm speechless!!! This is just so incredibly nice, especially coming from someone whose blog inspires ME! :)

So I'm supposed to tag 10 of my favorite blogs, so here-goes (it's going to be SO HARD to keep it to JUST 10)!

The Sunny Raw Kitchen - Amazing content! What a great writer too. All of her content is also accompanied with Amazing photos as well. But those recipes.... :)

Cutting Above - For any crafter/artist looking for how-to's and inspiration... this is just a great site. They will ALWAYS be one of my loved blogs.... they gave me my Gypsy! :)

Casual Lavish - Aside from being one of the most friendly bloggers I've had the chance to talk with, Vanessa over at Casual Lavish gives some pretty great review (honest reviews) of some pretty great products. She has introduced me to SO MANY new things! This is just a great all-around beauty site! :)

Chalene Johnson's Blog - She is my all time favorite DVD exercise instructor!!!! I also LOVE her vlogs. If you're looking to get fit with a TON OF FUN, check out Chalene's Turbo Jam workout DVD's and then head over to her blog for tons of info and tons of laughs!!! :)

Cricutters Anonymous - One of the things that I LOVE is crafting/scrapping... this is a WONDERFUL site for inspiration and projects! :)

Kandee The Make-up Artist - I just LOVE her blogs and the videos she posts. If you ever get a moment to check out her wedding make-up video, it is a MUST SEE for anyone who wants PERFECT make-up! :) She's also gorgeous inside and out. I SO wanna be Kandee when I grow up! hahahahaha! :)

Nail Addicts Anonymous - my nails are my obsession! I used to be a nail biter, so having nails and making them look pretty after spending my WHOLE LIFE with dreadful nails... well, it's like crack. I'm serious! And it's people like the wonderful girls at Nail Addicts Anonymous that remind me that I'm not alone. It helps that their pics are out of this world with polish swatches and manis that make me want to run and buy stock in nail polish remover!!! This is definitely one of my new faves! :)

Polish and Powder - Again... another source of enabling... uh, I mean inspiration for my nails! :)

Tuesday Treats - This blog is a MUST FOLLOW for any crafter who owns a Gypsy. The ladies who started this blog have a PASSION for creating the most amazing crafts. This is a new favorite that I hope to be a part of VERY SOON!!! :)

Konad & Me - Ok, so as I mentioned before Bunny's blog inspires me! If you are looking for some amazing ideas for nail art from someone who has GORGEOUS nails and BRILLIANT ideas, then THIS is the blog for you. Also, anyone new to the world of Konad can really benefit because she posts VERY regularly and ALWAYS on Konad Nail Art! :)

Welp, there's 10. I WISH I could tag 30! Thanx again for this award Bunny! You made my night, hence all the smiley faces! hahahahahahahaha! :)

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Bunny said...

Oh...thank you!!!

kandee johnson said...

yay!!!! thank you so much!!!! xoxo kandee

FitterTwit said...

You are soooo welcome you guys! Both of you are WONDERFUL! :)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

thank you! :)