Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Give-Away Winner!!!

Wow... I am super psyched! I love giving away stuff I love! Is that weird? For me it's a sign that I'm giving the BEST when I'm tempted to keep them!!! I can clearly see another person's excitement simply because I'm so excited... more on that in a sec.

So with these Alice In Wonderland sparkle polishes by OPI, I HAD to buy one of each so that I WOULD be able to let go of these amazing polishes.

Thanx to, the winner is # 6 susies1955 said...
I've been a follower through bloglines for a while now but decided to follow through google friend too. :) Nice giveway,Susie

CONGRATULATIONS SUSIE!!! And thank you for following my blog! I know that you are going to LOVE these polishes as much as I do. I am sending you an email to the address you provided as soon as this announcement posts. Please let us all know what you think of them when you get them... don't be afraid to share some pics! LOL! Thank you to EVERYONE who participated! :)

Now for SOME MORE fun and the reason I mentioned giving away the stuff I love! I am ALREADY prepping for my 100 follower give-away. I have received a generous donation from OC Nail Art and Nail Aid has also recently agreed to donate prizes to the winner of this upcoming give-away. I AM SO EXCITED! I want it to be huge, giving away everything that I love. And, so far, I'm right on track. If you read this blog, you KNOW I love Konad nail art stamping and I LOVE Nail Aid. There are still a couple of more things in the works as far as the prize goes and I also have to figure out what the qualifiers are going to be before I actually announce the new give-away... but as soon as everything comes together... WATCH OUT! The next give-away is right around the corner here at Fun And Mental Changes, and it's going to ROCK! OH! And THIS TIME it will be open to EVERYONE so stay tuned!!! :)


susies1955 said...

WOW, thanks so very much. YIPPEE!

FitterTwit said...

Wow Susie, we're BOTH up late! hahahaha! You're so very welcome... now GO TO BED! ;) I just sent you an email. CONGRATS!

susies1955 said...

This is what time I get up. :)
Thanks I just replied.

Polish&Konad said...

Congrats happy to see that you won :)

susies1955 said...

Thanks. :) FUN FUN FUN