Monday, March 1, 2010

Green... The Color Of Doom

So, whose idea was it to form a group of overly ambitious children (girls no less) to gather and sell cookies... I mean, I never see them any other time of year! And what exactly is in those cookies that causes us to forget that the new year brings another round of pending cookie doom? There is some great "master minding" at work and these evil little cookie selling minions know, almost instinctively, how to get us to buy their evil deliciousness.
"Buy me cookies mum. It's for the children mum." Ok, so they don't actually HAVE the British accent (I'm sure some do though and then you're REALLY up a creek!), but when they look at you all doe-eyed you'd swear that every one of them methodically study Tiny Tim to get pointers on selling their evil little wares. They are evil incarnate and their Samoas are their leading device of destruction created to take over the world. Think I'm kidding? TWO Samoas are 150 calories and render a person braindead for at least five minutes after consumption... or is that just me.... in a sugar coma? Either way, you've all been warned. Green is the color of DOOM!!!!

*** And personally, they should be held liable for telling you that their cookies "freeze well" when in fact they do not. They can't seem to stay in the freezer long enough to freeze at all.

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FitterTwit said...

I am so very fortunate that they only got me for 6 boxes this year. But they have still set up fortresses outside of every entrance at my local grocery store. Stay tuned for my survival guide.... :)