Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BIG Changes Come In Small Packages

It was brought to my attention last night from my friend Lori Shemek that simply reducing your calorie intake every day by 100 calories equates to 10 pounds a year. With that I couldn't help but think about the reverse, and what exactly 100 calories looks like.
So 100 calories is a piece of buttered bread (in my case whole wheat). That's pretty nominal and insignificant when you think of ALL the food you consume throughout your day. It's not so strange to butter a piece of toast with your breakfast or to serve a buttered roll with dinner. THAT is 100 calories. And how many of us eat TWO rolls with dinner? I mean, it's relatively small... maybe 6 small bites and the roll is gone. Wow... that small shift (either way) makes that big of an impact!?! I honestly never really thought about it quite so simply before. Cut out the roll or add another.... 6 less bites or 6 more bites to make a HUGE difference. That is certainly something to think about.

And while cutting your calorie intake IS the easiest change to make on your way to slimming down, the same principal holds true with adding exercise. I know of so many people that are OVERWHELMED with the idea of getting active, but something as simple as 10 minutes of jump rope burns 100 calories. Big changes come in small packages folks!!! It just really is that simple. And for those who are not big "jumpers" into a health and fitness lifestyle, this small package could very well be the road to success. Unfortunately, the reverse (that extra 100 calories a day) is ALREADY the road to weight gain. It's that extra roll at dinner... 10 pounds a year adds up quickly. It's hard to believe that 100 calories the other direction is as small as a dinner roll.

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