Sunday, March 7, 2010

Final Day... Sad Day!!!

Welp... my 30% discount for Konad REUSABLE nail art at OC Nail Art is ending today. This was NOT Kathleen's doing, her store at OC Nail Art is phenomenal!!!! Her shipping is super quick and customer service ROCKS!!! Plus she ALWAYS appreciates the talent of her wonderful customers (check out my nails being featured HERE). Nope, this is Konad's doing. They have mandated that all authorized dealers discontinue ALL discounts effective immediately. So with today being the final day to use my wonderful, excellent and cool (I will miss you my friend) 30% discount, I thought I would share my MUST-HAVE Konad image plates. These are the plates that I absolutely adore for their versatility. Remember, until midnight tonight, 30% off using discount code 'MENTAL' at Don't forget the free shipping in the US for all orders over $20.

Konad Image Plate M3 - I love this one because it has smaller images and the plate can be used year round. It's also great for smaller (children) nails. I think this one was my very first plate and I STILL use it the most. Another option for the beginner is to purchase a starter set and the Konad "C" Kit has M3 and M2... that's 14 REUSABLE DESIGNS with special polish, stamper and scraper. Everything you need for around $27 (before discount)! Great deal!

Konad Image Plates M12-M13 - These are both holiday plates. The first has 7 Christmas images (not pictured) and the second has 7 Halloween images. I'm a FREAK for Halloween, and if you are too, then you'll probably want to add image plates M28 for the spider and skull and crossbones and M1 for the small spider....CREEPY!!! A WONDERFUL source for Halloween Konad nail art ideas is Konaddict. Again, each of the image plates contains 7 images per plate.

Konad Image Plate M56 - I LOVE french manicures and while Konad offers quite a few options for french manicure stamping (including a french manicure starter kit for around $36 before discount), this plate gives me flawless french manicures with a twist. You just have to check out the pic at the top to know what I'm talking about here. Those gorgeous black swirls are found on this plate! Be sure to click on all the pics to enlarge for greater detail.

Konad Image Plate M65 - Ok, last but not least is this WONDERFUL image plate. This plate has FULL Nail Coverage images to stamp. Because the images are bigger, there are only 5 images on plates like these. But THIS ONE is my absolute favorite. The images come out perfect... I haven't seen airbrushing come out better than these images. From psychedelic circles to geometric shapes to roses and beads... this plate is used A LOT!

Well, that's about it for my MUST-HAVES. I actually have 33 Konad image plates that get used sporadically, but the plates listed here get used for the majority of my "Konadicures". If I could only own these plates, I'd be a happy girl. I will be sure to keep everyone posted when and if the discount code goes back into effect in the future! Hopefully Konad will change their minds quickly!!! :)
***My friend Vanessa from Casual Lavish has a GREAT video tutorial on how to use Konad posted on her blog HERE. There are also some of her own nail art pics there too. She's AWESOME!!!
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