Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Review ***Spoiler Alert***

It hits me that the ***Spoiler Alert*** may not apply here. Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass have been around foreva! But, to cover anyone who HASN'T read those stories or seen this film, please know that I'm going to give away some stuff here that COULD ruin someone's movie-going experience. So, what I'm saying here is, if you haven't seen Alice In Wonderland yet (which I think you TOTALLY SHOULD) and don't want anything "spoiled", quit reading right here.

OMG!!! What a great movie!!! And the special effects were INCREDIBLE!!! Even the set design and wardrobe were AMAZING! Whoever cast this movie did a FANTASTIC JOB, except....

I really felt that the entire character of the White Queen did nothing for the movie. While the character is present in Through The Looking Glass (and establishes the story's 'Chess Game'), that character in the film irritated me. Anne Hathaway gave a LOUSY performance, convincing me that the White Queen being omitted from the film entirely would have only ADDED to how great the rest of this film is. The chess game and the hatter's loyalties could have all been established through Alice (and in fact were anyway because I was trying to will the image of Anne Hathaway out of my head). The White Queen REALLY took something from this film. Otherwise EVERYTHIING ELSE was superb! The effects were amazing and the REST of the casting was incredible. I've come to realize that Johnny Depp is a master celebrity impersonator and adds a little of "others" to his performances. I LOVED the intermittent "appearances" of Mel Gibson!!!! It was fitting as the Hatter rallied the troops with a Brave Heart to overcome the Red Queen. And the Cheshire Cat was portrayed perfectly!!!! I love, love, love this movie... had the White Queen been omitted, this movie would have gotten many High Fives.

P.S. While I harshly said that I felt Ms. Hathaway gave a LOUSY performance, I do not believe that it was entirely her fault.
Mr. Burton/Mr. Bruckheimer, PLEASE do not have other actors attempt what Mr. Depp has perfected. I was getting that the White Queen was gravely attempting a Good-Witch-Wizard-Of-Oz-esque character. Ms. Hathaway doesn't have it....
Had the character of the White Queen been portrayed like the character in Through The Looking Glass, Ms. Hathaway MAY have been able to pull it off. That is all.

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