Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why The Move To An All Natural Lifestyle?

This article is from the Los Angeles Times. It was written by Alan Zarembo.

"In an experiment in mice, researchers have found that treatment with an antidepressant early in life increases the appearance of depression and anxiety-like symptoms in adulthood. The researchers gave daily doses of fluoxetine, better known as Prozac, to mice from four days after birth until their normal weaning age of three weeks - a period that roughly corresponds in humans to a fetus in the third trimester of pregnancy up to early childhood. At 12 weeks - adulthood for mice - the test animals showed signs of abnormal behavior. The study, which will be published this week in the journal Science, is seen as a starting point for determining the long-term effects of prescribing antidepressants for pregnant mothers and young children. "It underscores that there is really very little known about how medications that affect the central nervous system affect child development," said Dr. Victoria Hendrick, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles, who treats and studies depression in pregnant women."

This article reminds me that western medicine continues to miss the mark. Why do our doctors always turn to drugs/surgery? Why can't our first option be natural, non invasive remedies? posted an article from a 2006 study suggesting that our diets SHOULD be the first form of treatment for psychological disorders stating, "The findings support a growing body of evidence that food can have an effect upon a person's mental health and behaviour that is both immediate and long lasting because of the way it affects the structure and function of the brain." And we already know how changing our diets affects us physically. It only stands to reason that our diets should be our first line of, not only defense, but offense as well. A natural lifestyle is proving to be more and more appealing in its prevention AND treatment!

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