Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dehydrated Candy Apple Chips

Pictured here is the "before" picture of my apple chips that I was dehydrating after marinading them in pure organic maple syrup. I then sprinkled organic and raw maple syrup powder over top. After three days of dehydrating (unheard of in an Excalibur) I realized that they were NOT going to be chips at all. They were not getting crunchy! While they were staying firm, I could bend them in half and the two halves would stick together with the maple glue I had created.

Well, there is not an after picture, because you see this little failed dehydrating experiment actually created a very yummy candy/caramel apple treat and they were completely gone the day that I turned the dehydrator off. The family loved them! I still have an entire bag of sliced apples in the fridge that I will put in the dehydrator tonight. Hopefully there will be an "after" pic from that batch. I won't be marinading in syrup this time. I might just try sprinkling with the maple syrup powder and some cinnamon. We'll see how that turns out. But I'm definitely filing this one in the Halloween Treat file! :)

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