Thursday, March 26, 2009

We've Come a Long Way Baby!

I love, love, love this picture!!! I pulled this pic off the net. It's going around because some ridiculous story broke about Kim Kardashian's cellulite! Wow, are our priorities so mixed up?!?
Well, I'm here writing about it too, so I've established that my priorities are mixed up but there's something amazing to be said about this pic AND Ms. Kardashian's response:
"So what, I have cellulite!" Ok, first of all, from looking at this pic, there are (MAYBE) three areas that look digitally enhanced and I only noticed those areas because the two pics are side by side. I did notice that someone washed her color. I can honestly say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the natural pic is way more beautiful to me because it is real, and she is really a beautiful woman without anything retouched. This is the same thing that just happened with Jessica Simpson in recent months. When are we going to stop doing this to ourselves? We are trying to live up to false images of what women are. Thank God that Ms. Kardashian responded the way she did. I wish Jessica Simpson had done the same. Although, I noticed that BOTH women decided that they needed to change themselves as BOTH used the very negative and harmful media attention to "motivate them to change". Doesn't everyone realize that NO ONE, not even the women in the pics, can live up to those unrealistic body images. I think that if I were Ms. Kardashian, I would be mad that anyone altered me in the first place. I would be mad that someone hired me to do a job and then basically said that I wasn't good enough for what they hired me for and felt the need to "adjust" it. I liken that to my husband asking me to marry him and then wanting me to have breast augmentation and then lipo suction, veneers on my teeth and lose weight, etc. That would make me ask why he married me in the first place. If he wants me to change all of that, clearly he had someone else pictured in his head to marry. It would make me feel very bad about myself, so I can only imagine what these poor women are going through. Hollywood NEEDS more women like Jamie Lee Curtis who is real and is completely hot because of it. And besides, if the current state of our economy continues (or God forbid gets any worse), cellulite IS going to be the next sexy "IN" thing!!! Only the rich and famous will be able to eat, so all that cellulite will suddenly become the false body image that every woman wants. I'm just sayin....

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NalaMom said...

I totally agree with you. Now we can create a whole other blog about how society has created the "Fast Food Nation" and how it is in direct opposition of our "female" role model. Its a wonder that more teenage girls don't commit suicide or need serious therapy. We have been doing this to ourselves (women) for decades.