Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bon Vivant

Returning from the Bon Vivant Celebration that took place at Rawhide this year is a little bitter sweet. Bitter because I had to leave in the first place, but sweet because I have a really great topic to blog about.

First of all, being that attendees pay about $100 - $150 to attend the event, it's important to note that the proceeds benefit a VERY WORTHY cause... The Boys And Girl's Club! But, for the money that is spent, the food and spirits are amazing and worth every penny! I ate some of the most delectable food and sipped the smoothest drinks from wine to prickly pear vodka. I have spent far more than $100 on a meal that had far less to offer and was far less satisfying, but amazingly, since I volunteered at this event last night... it cost me nothing! Upon receiving my special entry badge at the door, I received a plate that had a special insert to hold the wine glass I was also given. Those were mine to use throughout the evening and to even take home! Very nice! The first station that I came to was a delectable array of chocolate goodies from fudge brownies to chocolate dipped strawberries. Then it was on to a station set up with the most decadent pasties I've ever had in my life. After passing another (oh, I don't know) 30 stations of this confection and that wine, I ended up at the back of event where all of the main courses were set up to savor the very best of the best I had that night (or any other day or night of my entire life). The first bite of the grilled beef tip with a slaw that looked like it was a mixture of fruit and veggies with a "bite" from some kind of liquor topped with a green paste that by itself was kind of bland but eaten with the beef and slaw was heaven!!! Oh yeah! This event was MADE for me!!!
In fact, I believe that it was NAMED for me! LOL! The english translation of the french "Bon Vivant" [pronounced bone veevau] literally means good living, and is used to describe a person with refined taste, especially one who enjoys superb food and drink. Oh, that is SOOOOO me and has been all my life. Who knew (I didn't until tonight, at this, my first event) that there is a special french name for me and there are A TON of other people like me? I was finally with my own people tonight, as if the car ride to the event was somehow a magical teleport to my home planet where the most amazing drinks are served and heaven sent culinary masterpieces are yours for the tasting. It was unbelievable; I hope to be able to attend again next year. And I hope to see you all there!

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