Monday, August 16, 2010

A Little Change and High Five

Ok.... Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko... High Five Victoria, High Five!!!

I was SUPER excited to start this cleanse after reading the book and even convinced my husband to do this cleanse with me. I think he agreed to it since there isn't a "salt water flush" to do every morning and I can change up the smoothies every day. Not to mention that the smoothies are blended (more bulk) instead of juiced (more liquid), so I'm thinking that "full" feeling will help the cause. He agreed to 7 days with no meat, dairy or wheat, drinking only the green smoothies from this book for all his meals during the day. I told him that he can drink as much and as many smoothies as he wants.

Today was the first day for both of us and I mixed a WONDERFUL concoction using fresh, organic, pineapple, peaches, dandelion greens and celery mixed with water. The pineapple and peaches made it REALLY sweet.... so I would have to say that the first day is a SUCCESS. Tomorrow I will be blending watermelon and water for breakfast and then doing a "tomato soup" in the Vitamix for lunch/dinner using celery, spinach, garlic, tomato and onion. YUMMY!!!
I can already tell that I will be VERY successful with this little change.... I'm LOVING the variety! I wonder how long my husband will make it???? He lasted one day on The Master Cleanse the first time he ever tried it and never attempted again. This might just be what he needed too! hahahahahahaha! The next seven days are going to be fun!

I also found a great solution to "bulk up" the smoothies for those who need even more (I'm reserving this for if my husband complains of hunger): Teresa Wu's Green Smoothie Blog Post

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