Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looks Like a Great Weekend

Well... all is well! It has been a tough two weeks, but as always, when you make it through, things get significantly brighter. As is the case today. I'm on the Master Cleanse again (it's that time again folks... I'm twice a year now) and I'm doing very well. I'm going to cleanse for 40 days this time, so I'm in it for the long haul. I'm reaching for homeostasis, and only TIME cleansing can give you that. I will then be following that up with a much slower cleanse with raw food so hopefully by the end of the year I will look 10 years younger! HA! Don't judge! God uses vanity to motivate too! LOL! Seriously though, my goal is ALWAYS divine health!!!

So if things weren't already wonderful today with the cleanse, I was also just asked to be a Copic Marker demonstrator for a scrapping event this weekend!!! What an amazing honor! And this will work out perfectly with this cleanse because it will occupy my hands and my mind and keep me from eating!!! LOVE IT!

And speaking of occupying the mind, I started reading Raw Food For Busy People by Jordan Maerin today and IT IS AMAZING!!! It's full of wonderful raw recipes, but more than that, it's filled with even better information. For example, did you know that carnivores have short intestines and their bodies operate naturally in an acid state? Humans have very long intestines and operate naturally in an alkaline state. YUCK, but how interestingly weird is that? Being that animal protein is acidic, it stands to reason that too much animal protein will disrupt the chemistry of the human body. Also, the healthiest people on earth are said to be the Hunza culture. Their diet consists mainly of 80% raw, organic veggies and 20% lean meats/diary/grains... also organic. I gotta tell you, this book is INTERESTING!!! And I'm even more convinced that my initial notion that our teeth really should be dictating our diet is true to form. Carnivores mouths are full of canine teeth while humans have only 4. I really do believe (even more now than ever) that God intended us to eat minimal meat with a majority of plant foods. And the presence of canines convinces me we SHOULD have meat in our diet, but the minority of them compared to the plant tearing incisors and plant grinding molars tells me that the American diet is dreadfully skewed in our consumption ratios of meat to veggies. This is something the mainstream is leaning towards and starting to understand, but the studies of the Hunza culture is just the information that could knock this one out of the ball park turning around America's epidemics. We can only hope. In the meantime, I will work on my own, choosing to fill up on knowledge today while my stomach stays empty. MMMMM... I'm full! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Welp...that's about it for my upcoming weekend. I hope all of your weekends go as well as mine promises to be! I'll be back to fill you guys in! :)

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