Friday, August 20, 2010

A Letter To The City of Chandler

Dear City of Chandler Officials,

I watched your council meeting last night on the cable access channel and I have some things I want to say as one of your residents regarding the contract impass that you failed to rectify for the City of Chandler law enforcement personnel and what that says to me.

I want to believe that I am safe. I want to believe that I live in a city that IS ahead of the rest. But I'm convinced that I don't and honestly believe that I should move out of this city as soon as I can. I drive down Arizona Avenue on, pretty much, a daily basis and see MILLIONS of my tax dollars "working" (see the NEW city offices being constructed above) while hearing last night that the city cannot afford to pay the city's emergency service personnel. I watched as the council berated a speaker for pointing out the selfishness and greed that is being shown in the improper use of funds during a struggling economy while you officials saw RAISES! The Chandler officers JUST LOST one of their own!!! YES, THEY DESERVE TO BE EMOTIONAL when their city who claims "where values make the difference" does not value them enough to take care of them. The city wants to "deal with it later". I think you all agreed to "look at it again in January". REALLY?!? HOW are our officers supposed to take care of this community while trying to figure out how they will take care of their own families? And if I'm not mistaken, last night's request by the Chandler officers did not involve an increase of pay.... it involved the city honoring what they TOLD the new officers they would get when they were hired. Why this is going before the city council and not a judge is BEYOND me!

City of Chandler... I implore you, STOP the WRONG spending!!! The stonework on this monstrosity (pictured above) ALONE would have paid for what you are denying these officers... with money left over. As a citizen of this city, I want strong emergency services more than I want you to have a comfy cozy new million dollar office with brand new furniture. I CANNOT believe the gall of each and every one of you on that panel to tell the citizens of Chandler that there isn't money and that you are waiting for the economy to get better when the city is spending money on NON-NECESSITIES! There IS money! You are just mis-spending it! STOP wasting our money... emergency services ARE A NECESSITY!!! If you are going to make cuts to continue to mis-spend, DO NOT cut our emergency services. We will need them when you spend this city into financial ruin.


Note To Readers: Any other City of Chandler residents reading this post? I STRONGLY recommend finding a city that wants to take care of you. If they aren't taking care of your law enforcement and fire, they are putting YOU at risk. That shiney new building will do nothing to protect you when you need help. If anyone has a copy of that portion of last night's meeting and can upload it to share with the rest of the world, please share the link with me and will be happy to post it on this blog as well. Our government is NOT being held accountable.

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