Monday, August 9, 2010

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Ok.... as promised (and a little pic heavy).... here is the tutorial for the fabric flowers! If you can sew a button, you can make these adorable flowers. What you will need is lightweight cotton fabric, a button, needle and thread, die cutter with circle die. If you have any questions, be sure to post them in the comments and I will be sure to check in and answer them. Here we go! Have fun with this one!

Step One: Cut enough fabric to die cut 5 circles. I am using my Spellbinders 3" Nestability die with my Cuttlebug die cutter. Be sure to trim your fabric down so that it fits through your die cutter. The bigger the circles used, the bigger the flower.

I cut three circles that needed to be trimmed with scissors until I discovered using a thin chipboard shim (pictured below) made the final two cuts CLEAN! Be sure that you try it without the shim first if you are using the same die cutting materials as I'm using. Because every Cuttlebug is different, yours might work WITHOUT the shim. The cuttlebug sandwich I used was (from bottom to top) A plate + C plate + fabric + Nestie + B plate + Shim.

Step Two: Once you've got your 5 circles, fold them in half (taco style).

Step Three: Using a double threaded needle, begin crimping and stitching the two free edges. Be sure to not get too close to the edge or it will cause the fabric to frey.

See the first petal forming???

Once you've finished crimping and stitching the first petal, push the needle the rest of the way through, pushing the petal to the end of the thread and all the way to the knot; repeat on the remaining petals.

Petals get finished in seconds! Push all petals tightly against the knot in the thread.

Step Four: Form the flower by keeping the petals pushed against the knot in the thread and match up the side of the first petal with the side of the last petal. Loosen the petals on the thread as needed to form the flower and stitch the base of the first and last petals together twice.
Step Five: Hot glue or stitch a button to the center and you have your fabric flower. I did both. The first flower (click HERE for previous post) I did, I added thread to the button to make it look like it was sewn and then hot glued the button onto the flower. The button pictured here, the button was sewn with the remaining thread.... it works great either way.

I hope you all enjoyed today's tutorial. Have a great evening and I hope to see you all here again tomorrow! :)


Amy said...

What a great tut! Thanks for sharing!

mahuntington said...

Thank you so much. I can hardly wait to try this.
Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss