Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Miss My Nails!!!

A little while ago I had some heartbreak, as we sometimes go through in life, and reverted back to NAIL BITING.... DANG IT!
I honestly thought I was past that horrible habit that turned my hands from pretty and feminine to tacky and gnarled! I grew up biting my nails only stopping when I had acrylic nails applied as an adult. Then, after the economy took a turn and I couldn't afford professional nail services, I had the gel nails removed (I switched from acrylic to gel because gel ROCKS) and began caring for my own nails. WHAT FUN!!! I grew my natural nails very easily and LOVED nail art.... I REALLY loves me the nail art. So what happened? Why can't I stop biting now?!?

I did probably the hardest mani yesterday on the tiniest nubs I've seen in a LONG time!!! I know that darker colors on shorter nails looks awesome, but dark colors on nubs does not simply because the application is IMPOSSIBLE. Hopefully my Nail Aid Ultra Rapid Growth will actually stay on my nails to allow a little growth instead of being chewed off this time. Hopefully I will have my nails back in time for my beloved Halloween Konadicures! I'm counting on you guys to keep me honest! LOL! I'll keep you all posted. I'm hoping the application of my favorite polish will keep me from biting this time. Cuz while I love nail art, I ALSO love China Glaze's AWESOME holo called TTYL from their OMG collection! Look at how beautiful my nails used to look with both of them together:
I WANT MY NAILS BACK!!! Revisit this wonderful Konadicure HERE!

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Anonymous said...

I totally understand you.
I'm also an ex-bitting addict. Stopped bitting with acrylic nails maybe 4 years ago, but maintainance was too expensive for me so i filed all the acrylic and don't kow why just never bitted again!
You can do it, girl!