Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today's Fun At Michaels

I have wanted an ATG (or Advanced Tape Glider) for years! Crop after crop that I attended always found me drooling over this incredibly commercial looking yellow adhesive tape dispenser. Typically used by framers, THIS is the dispenser that says, "I'm a SERIOUS adherer!" hahahahahaha... is that a word? Well of course I was envious! Not any longer. Scotch had recently released a PINK ATG targeted toward their legions of scrapbookers in need of a quick, durable and economically savvy adhesive tool. The NEW ATG does the trick. With better than a $20 price break of the original ATG and 2 rolls included with the unit.... this adhesive gun is taking economically savvy to a whole new level! The new pink color doesn't hurt either. But I've got even more fun!

I took a 40% off coupon with me today to Michaels and picked up this little gem for $22! I now have the coolest and greatest adhesive gun ever and it didn't break the bank. Yeah, that's some REAL fun, and I haven't even used it yet! LOL!

**** Pssst! I just used it and it is AMAZING! While I'm glad I couldn't afford to have one until now (because I would have had to settle for the yellow or the red one), I now know EVERYTHING I missed! :) All you legions of scrapbookers, "You were right!"


Flamenco92627 said...

Haha! Oh my gosh I agree. I recently picked one up too and love it. I am disappointed when I have to use my little Zig pen on tiny stuff.

Maria said...

Woohoo! Lucky you - I will 'need' to look into this and with the 40% off how can I lose. Hugs, Maria