Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Single White Female

A blog friend of mine just posted a pocket card (View her AMAZING card HERE) and I couldn't help but think that she and I were on the same wave length. I created a similarly vintage-looking project with pockets included to hold tags and messages. I too used Graphic 45 paper with other similar elements as well..... why don't I show you?
So the first picture is just a full view of the front of my book. If you click on the pic, it will enlarge for greater detail. I used the Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante line (love, love, love) for MOST of the entire project. That includes the paper and stickers and die-cut tags and borders. This book was SOOOO much fun to make and I just LOVE looking at it!
Because this project is pretty large, I'm going to be splitting it up over a couple of posts in the next couple of days. Today's post is just a quick peek at the covers of the book and then tomorrow I will get into some design elements of what's inside and follow up with a couple of technique tutorials. Hopefully I will be able to REALLY share the awesome experience with you of creating this book.
The cover was made using the Graphic 45 Staples Alphabet Stickers and the Steampunk Debutante stickers. I also "glimmer misted" (BTW, "glimmer misted" is a technical term in the scrapbooking world) two paper flowers to layer. The bottom layer is a dark chocolate and the top layer is a lighter cocoa color.

The theme of my book is "Be". Hopefully, over the next couple of days, I can show you the "flow" of the book. I think that it goes along nicely with the Steampunk Debutante line. Honestly, the theme pretty much picked itself when I saw these papers. Let's see if you see it too. ;) For the cover it's "Be Unique" with the "Vintage" message on the flap to "Be Vintage".

So the back is simple. I do want to point out that I used a Graphic 45 pre-bound envelope album that I altered with all the wonderful Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante stuff and then RE-bound using my new CINCH!!! YAY!!!! My new toy purchased with a huge coupon over the labor day holiday! :)

And finally.... "often imitated, but never duplicated"!
Anyway, I thought I would at least introduce my new project today so that my friend Meredith doesn't think that I'm getting all "single white female" on her. We just coincidentally had similar projects in mind. Check out tomorrow's post and you'll REALLY see what I mean. The scripts that we chose to use are almost identical. :)
*** You can see this in person at The Paper Vineyard!


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great project!

meredith said...

OMG, Great minds think alike!! You are too funny!
I love ur project it's gorgeous! Thanks so much for the 'shout out' I really appreciate it. Can't wait to see the rest of the project xxx